If you’re a fan of zombie movies and series and a regular consumer of tv shows, there’s no way you haven’t heard of The Walking Dead. The iconic tv series is one of the most excellent examples of zombie apocalypse media. Adapted from Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charles Adlard’s award-winning comic book series, it debuted in October 2010.

And overall, the show ran for a whopping ten seasons, the most recent of which premiered in October last year. The series contains 153 episodes in total. Furthermore, the show has birthed multiple spin-offs.

To say that The Walking Dead is a top-rated show would be a massive understatement. After season 3, it reached the peak of its viewership, with the sixth season receiving more than 17 million viewers.

The show also gained overwhelming plaudits from critics. Plus, it has won 70 awards out of 155 nominations, which goes to show its acclaim.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Release date

The Walking Dead Season 10

As we’ve mentioned before, the tenth season is already available for watching. However, only 15 episodes have aired to date. Because of Covid-19, production on the season finale couldn’t continue. Thus the makers postponed the release of the rest of the episodes to later this year. And now, we can confirm that the series would resume this year, on 4 October. Moreover, in a piece of good news for the fans, the creators have added six more episodes to the season. Hence, viewers will be able to see more of The Walking Dead until the next season arrives.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Cast & characters

As for the cast, we don’t expect to see many changes. Therefore, Norman Reedus will return to portray Daryl Dixon, along with Melissa McBride reprising as Carol. Others, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Ryan Hurst (Beta), will also feature in the latter half of the season.

Although we don’t know whether new actors would join the team, we’re confident of some departures. Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick Grimes, has already left the show. We can also confirm that Danai Gurira will make her last appearance as Michonne in the next episodes. The show boasts a large ensemble cast, so we’re sure to see many more characters.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Expected plot

About the plot, we already know that the tenth season centers around the war with the Whisperers. And in the last episode, the season’s plot thread will reach its conclusion. According to reports, the final episode will answer several questions and provide an ending for many character arcs. Also, producer Greg Nicotero has revealed that the last chapter will blow fan’s minds. Furthermore, it will set up the plot of season 11. Apart from the finale, we are unaware of what the rest episodes of season ten have in store for the fans.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Storyline

It isn’t easy to sum up a series that is ten seasons long. However, to put it short, The Walking Dead is a zombie apocalypse series. It revolves around a group of survivors in a world full of zombies, colloquially referred to as walkers. And to survive, the group has to fend off the Walkers and other humans as well. It is a gritty and dark series that focuses on the worst and, paradoxically, even the best of humanity.

The previous season of the show showed us the aftereffects of Negan’s fall and Rick’s seeming death. It introduced a new group named Whisperers into the fray. The Whisperers are a group that can control the walkers. The conflict between them and the survivors comprise most of the ninth season.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Spin-offs

The Walking Dead is one of those series that became a franchise with time. A spin-off series named Fear The Walking Dead is already available. Furthermore, the makers have been aiming to expand the franchise more. As per information, another addition into The Walking Dead universe, titled The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, is already in the works. Also, AMC Studios, the show’s producer, has revealed that work on three full-length feature films is already undergoing.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Future possibilities

Fans of the horror drama need not worry as season ten won’t be the last to air. AMC has already confirmed the renewal for the eleventh season. It originally had a release date in October this year. But, due to circumstances, the makers pushed it back. For now, we think season eleven will premiere sometime in 2021. Moreover, the creators have hinted that they already have some ideas about how the twelfth season would go. Therefore, we are quite certain that The Walking Dead would continue for some more years.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Trailer

The trailer for the season finale is already available. You can watch it here.

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