Android is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of its customization features.

From Launchers to Keyboard and many more. It’s so flexible that you can twist and design it in whichever way you like.

So, you want to add a clock on your home screen. How do you do that?

Well, for some smartphone, there is a built-in clock widget but for some, there aren’t any.

For most of the time, the default version isn’t the best in looks, features and are pretty generic and don’t offer much in terms of customizations.

It really doesn’t matter whether you have an in-built system or not.

In the PlayStore, there are a ton of outdated, old clock widgets that necessarily doesn’t belong to this era.

So, we have scoured and handpicked some of the best clock widgets and weather clock widgets for your home screen!

1. Chronus

Chronus is not only an app for a clock widget but also for weather, Gmail, SMS, calendar, News, Tasks, Stocks, Fitness and all kinds of other extra stuff.

The app also ensures that your system will use less CPU, battery, and data while still providing you with rich information.

They also have a dashboard too.

It is the perfect, single replacement for many of the other stand-alone widgets on your device.

With the free version, you will get many cool features but they also have a paid upgrade, where you get the premium stuff.

Features of Chronus:

  • Clock Widget
  • News and Weather panel
  • Calendar panel with a list of upcoming events
  • Backup and restore widget settings
  • Supports Android Wear
  • Missed Calls, Text Messages extensions, Built-in Gmail and Calendar
  • Forecast,  Clock+ (Forecast), Fit+ and Stocks (PRO)
  • Stock Alerts (PRO)
  • Daydream screensaver (PRO) and much more

Price: Free/$2.99

Google Play Store

2. Minimalistic Text

As the name suggests, this app displays information in a minimalistic way.

Minimalistic Text like Chronus is not only a clock widget app. It can also be configured to many other stand-alone widgets on your device.

The app also gives you much control in setting up and choosing to display certain elements ranging from the weather forecast, date, hours, and battery life.

Features of Minimalistic Text:

  • 23+ languages Supported
  • Simple, easy to use and design
  • Clock Widget
  • Weather panel, etc

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchases

Google Play Store

3. Clock Widget

This app is a true example of simplistic.

If you want just a clock widget and nothing else more, this app is a perfect choice for you.

Clock Widget is a simple home screen date widget and a digital time for your Android without any of the unnecessary clutter.

Features of Clock Widget:

  • Select widget click actions
  • Many fonts for date and clock
  • Lots of customizations
  • Tap on the widget to load up widget/alarm settings page
  • Supports Android version 4.1 and above

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchases

Google Play Store

4. Digital Clock Widget

If you want to have a Sony Xperia™ look and feel. This app will do you justice.

It is a simple but at the same time highly customizable and comes with a lot of options to customize the clock widget for your home screen.

Options to show battery levels at your home screen, show alarms, show or hide date, set default time format.

Features of Digital Clock Widget:

  • Choose between small, big, wide and tall resizable digital clock widgets
  • 18 fonts
  • Show brief weather information
  • Show semi-transparent backplate with adjustable color
  • Launch your calendar app, an alarm app, or any app by tapping parts of the widget
  • Backup & restore settings
  • 25 additional fonts (PRO)
  • Show current time and weather in multiple locations (PRO)
  • Removes advertisements (PRO)

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchases

Google Play Store

5. 1Weather

1Weather is basically a simple and beautiful packaged weather app.

It can get you real-time updates of weather wherever you go, or any location you choose including temperature,  a 10-day forecast, a 12-week forecast (mostly accurate) and plenty of other stuff.

But it also acts as a Gorgeous Clock widget along the weather info and fits across the top of a home screen with no problem whatsoever.

Features of 1Weather:

  • Current Weather Conditions
  • Forecasts
  • Graphs
  • Terrain, and Satellite map views
  • Weather Layers
  • Multiple Languages Supported

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchase

Google Play Store

6. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets allows you to Personalize your Android home screen in any way, shape or form.

They have highly customizable weather widgets, clock widgets, home (clock & weather) widgets, forecast widgets, and much more.

You are also given the choice of choosing Google or AccuWeather for your weather forecast.

Features of Fancy Widgets:

  • Clock with customizable date and time format
  • Over 400 clock and weather skins
  • Current weather condition and 3/4-day weather forecast
  • Battery level on the widget
  • Moon phase calendar
  • Automatic sunrise/sunset time calculation and much more

Price: Free

Google Play Store

7. Weather & Clock Widget

This app allows you to personalize your smartphone/tablet with the most elegant and customizable widgets.

Apart from clock and weather, it can also be configured with various extra features such as – Battery level, pressure, visibility, UV index, sunrise and sunset time, etc.

Features of Weather & Clock Widget:

  • Automatic location detection
  • Multiple weather providers
  • Weather notification alerts
  • Hourly/19 day weather forecast
  • Weather map
  • Android Wear support
  • Themes and many more.

Price: Free

Google Play Store

8. Circle Clock 

Circle Clock is a super simple yet have a very stylish circular and a very effective clock widget app.

It basically puts the time and date inside the circular on the home screen.

It is 100% Free and it’s a really simple and decent clock widget.

Features of Circle Clock:

  • Change colors
  • As the second’s progress, animations show progress bars around the outside of the clock
  • Enable/Disable the second animation
  • Change font
  • Set 12/24 hr clock

Price: Free

Google Play Store

9. Galaxy S9 Plus Digital Clock

If you like the clock Widget on Galaxy S9 Plus, this app is for you.

They have 3 new clock designs to choose from and customize them in several ways to your liking.

It gives your home that premium look.

Features of Galaxy S9 Plus Digital Clock:

  • Digital clock in S9 Plus & Edge Style
  • Calendar with date, day,  month and year
  • 3 new clock widget design
  • Supports a wide range of mobiles and tablets

Price: Free

Google Play Store

10. HD Widgets

HD Widgets has been around for a while but it still manages to outdo several other clock widgets apps.

The app is also way too customizable and configures other stuff like date, weather data, toggles, and much more.

You can also select colors, icons, clocks, layouts, backgrounds, etc

But there is no free version. It comes with a price tag of $0.99 with a paid upgrade to a pro version for more premium features.

Features of HD Widgets:

  • 50+ setting switches
  • Clock, date, switches, weather, forecast, & location
  • Lock screen widgets
  • Base layouts and color options
  • Advanced Weather & Forecast (PRO)
  • Supports both tablets and phones

Price: $0.99/$0.99-$1.98

Google Play Store

11. Seven Time

Seven Time is the perfect clock widget app for you to customize your tablet or phone and it comes with a cool resizable clock widget!

The design look really cool, premium and beautiful. Thee designs are also made from sketches.

Seven Time is supported on all devices and all screen types. So, your clock will look perfect and sharp no matter what device and screen size you have.

Features of Seven Time:

  • HEX color support
  • Original design- Made from Sketches
  • The Code is optimized to save your battery as much as possible
  • Changeable font
  • Shadow
  • Adjustable spacing between the clock numbers and much more

Google Play Store

Conclusion: Best Clock Widgets For Android

Android is really amazing. You can tweak and customize it as much as you want to your liking to get that perfect look.

These Android widgets are to make your home screen look good but also at the same time helps you to get much info instantly. For example like – You can instantly check the date, time, weather, calendar events and much more.

We tried our best to make sure there is something listed here for everybody and we do hope you find something that you like.

If we have missed any great clock widgets or weather clock widgets for Android devices, do tell us about them in the comments!

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