KingRoot APK for Android: KingRoot APK download is an android app which is used to build in order to root for your smartphone or PC.

However, this app is not available on any official app store including Google Play Store but you can download it from our website today.

Kingroot app has such a reputation on rooting any Android device safely and easily.

This app is one of the best, safest and easiest ways to root your device without any doubt. Aside from rooting, it can also be used to get rid of the junk files that are obtaining after root without any harm, and it is probably safe enough to root your device.

You can also quickly unlock the OS (operating system) and install any unapproved app in your device by rooting your smartphone anytime using the KingRoot App.

KingRoot APK Download For Android Smartphone:

KingRoot App is literally the safest and smartest option to root your devices in any condition. As you already know that there are multiple versions of the KingRoot Apk Android rooting app which are built specifically for different Android versions devices to root.

The root will also lead to brick your device until it doesn’t match the versions of your device and the KingRoot app version.

You can root your Android device anywhere from version 2.2 and to the latest v10. The app also allows you to root not only your smartphone but including your Tablet and PC.

You know what? It is 100% user free and at the same time super easy to access and use the app on your device.

KingRoot APK File Summary:

App NameKingRoot
Latest Versionv5.4.0
File Size11 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 2.3+

KingRoot APK – Root Your Android Device:

The KingRoot App is designed, developed and published by the KingRoot Studio. It is manufactured specifically for your smartphones and tablets but also not limited to other devices.

This app version is supported on the majority of all the Android version from v2.2 to the latest version Android 10.0

So, if you need to root your device for whatever reason, this app can come real handy as well.

It is a powerful app with tons of amazing features and is user recommended by many who use this app for rooting their Android devices easily and safely.

Features of KingRoot App:

It is very much a necessity and important to know about its functions and features before you use the app on your Android device.

KingRoot app has some amazing features that will be hugely beneficial and console you regarding rooting your Android devices.

So, Let’s discuss some of the most important features of the app that are worth noting.

Easy Root by One Tap

As mentioned before, rooting your device with this app is very simple and there are not many apps that allow you with the simplicity that this app has.

All you gotta do is download and install the app on your Android device and open it, then simply click on the root button and the rooting process starts and your device is rooted.

It is the simplest app and process ever to root your Android device with ease. No complication, just tap and it’s done.

No active data connection required

Unlike others, KingRoot App doesn’t require and need an active internet or wifi connection to root your android device.

You need a data connection to the only download and install the app on your device. Other than that, you can pretty much root offline.

This app is totally free

KingRoot Android rooting app is 100% totally free to use and doesn’t cost a dime to install on your device. As far as my knowledge goes for the app, there are no in-app charges but has some data from your active net connection.

So, you can download some of the basic guidelines to use some data connection to get help regarding the removing, uninstall and replacing the app on your device.

Purify App from App Drawer

The purifier app comes really handy and after you have dome completing rooting your device with this app, there is a purify app in the app drawer.

Other interesting features of the app is that you can set foot on various task and activities and perform various works i.e. clear cache data, save battery, block auto-start apps, and many more.

Some Important Points of KingRoot App:

There is much to talk about this app yet.

Here I have listed some important listicles of this android rooting app that is much worth knowing; please read carefully before using this app on your Android devices.

  • There is no special guideline to access and use the app. Using the KingRoot app on your Android device and rooting is the easiest task. All you gotta do is just follow the specific steps as mentioned above to root your Android device. After installing the app on your device < pen the app and < tap on the root option and the rooting is completed.
  • If you are concerned and it’s also obvious to be concerned about rooting your device and it can your operating system warranty of your Android device. And thus you can also never claim your device warranty until you unroot your device. As easy as it is to root your device, the same applies to unrooting too. You can unroot it very easily. If you aren’t too sure about it, simply remove and uninstall the app from your device.
  • It is a totally free android rooting app created and distributed by the KingRoot Studio. Other alternatives of the app include such as- Towelroot App, Root Genius App, iRoot App, Framaroot App, etc.

Steps to Download KingRoot App For Android Devices:

This one is self-explanatory as downloading and installing the KingRoot APK on your Android device can’t get any easier.

Here I have discussed some very easy steps to download this app below.

  • Download the Kingroot APK file from the button (bottom of the page)
  • Wait or the download to complete and while it is downloading, head over to your Settings< Security< Install Unknown
  • Once the file is downloaded, click on the install button of the king root APK file, and the application will install automatically.

After the APK file is successfully installed, you can start rooting the app on your device by opening the app and tapping on the root option on your device.

Common FAQ:

How to use KingRoot?

Once the application is installed on your device, launch the app.
Step 1: Tap on the Start Root Button in the middle to begin the root process.
Step 2: KingRoot will start the rooting process. It can take a few seconds to a minute to finish the rooting process.
Step 3: Once the rooting is completed, a Big Green Tick will be shown which basically signifies that your device is rooted successfully.

How to Remove KingUser Application?

Step 1: Uninstall or delete the Kingroot and KingMaster Application from your device.
Step 2: Next up, Open the Kinguser application. Head over to the Kinguser Settings < Root Authorization Setting< Remove Root Permission< Clear Button
Step 3: It can take a minute or two for the unrooting process and the Kinguser application will be removed automatically.
Step 4: In some case Kinguser Application doesnt automatically get removed fom the App drawer, in that case Restart Your Phone After Unrooting.
Step 6: Uninstall the app like you would for any other normal apps and games.

Is KingRoot Safe for my Phone?

Sometimes rooting process is a much more dangerous and can cause your Android device to get bricked, and for that reason, it is recommended to get rid of the cache and junk files as soon as the rooted access is obtained.

You should know that rooting process in itself is a very delicate process and if it is not carried out properly, it can further lead to various consequence effects on your phone.

Besides that the app seems to be fine to use.

Are there any Alternatives to Kingroot?

Yes and here are a few of them –

1) OneClickRoot
2) iRoot
3) SRS-Root
4) Kingo App
5) Z4Root App
6) Root Master


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