Looking for Filmywap com to watch Punjabi movies, desi, Hollywood, etc?

During this quarantine, everybody is bored at home. How do you keep yourself occupied and entertained?

You can play games, hang out with your family, listen to music, watch movies and TV Shows. But what if you didn’t have a subscription for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc

Well, that is where Filmywap comes in.

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What is FilmyWap?

Filmywap is a free movie and TV series streaming website which caters towards all sort of Movie studios and categories.

You can find all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies of all genres ranging from Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Horror, Biography, Sports, History, War, etc.

It has all the latest movies and Shows updated regularly with content and languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Malayalam, etc.

By the way, Filmywap is a pirated website that host copyrighted content. So, it is illegal in nature.

Filmywap com

Features of Filmywap

  • Fimlywap has tons of categories and genres to choose from. You enjoy action, comedy, sci-fi, war, biography, whatever it may be, Fimlywap got your back.
  • Watch in HD quality. Don’t compensate your streaming quality for free watch. Most of the content on the site is in decent resolutions 720p and 1080p.
  • Easy to navigate around. As mentioned above, the site is well-sorted by categories and genres making it beginner-friendly.
  • As you can already imagine, if a site is easy to navigate around, it is user-friendly. You don’t have to be very tech-savvy to access the site to watch the content hosted on Filmywap.
  • Regularly updated with all the latest releases of movies and episodes of TV series. No need to wait further until available on major streaming platforms.
  • 100% free to use. No recurring monthly subscription or a one-time payment.
  • No need to register or login to access the site.

Fimlywap Movie Categories

Here are some of the popular movie categories you can choose from the site.

1. Hollywood Movies

Find all the latest Hollywood release right here on Filmywap. Stream the big names on entertainment world such as GOT, Alladin, Angel has fallen, Avengers (all the sequel), etc.

It also has classic content such as The invisible man returns, Titanic, Casablanca, The Godfather, etc

2. Bollywood Movies 

Looking for Bollywood content? If so, Filmywap is the place for you. Bollywood movies have grown over the years in terms of popularity.

Stream all the latest Bollywood content, to name a few such as My Clients wife, Laxxmi Bomb, Raat akeli hai, Dil bechari, etc.

3. Hindi Movies

It lists all the content in the Hindi language. They are just the same as Bollywood.

Stream Yaraam, Gulabo Sitabo, Main zaroor aaunga and many other more.

4. Latest Movies 

This is a mixed category of Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood content. If you prefer not to go through specific categories rather latest release.

Go through the category to find all the latest movies and TV Shows.

5. Action Movies 

Love watching action movies? If you are craving to stream any action movie, then this is the best category for you.

Stream Greyhound: Schlacht im Atlantik, Women of Mafia 2, The old guard, Money Plane, Gumnaani, etc

6. Comedy Films 

Looking for some laughing time? Watching comedy movies is fun and can improve your mood after a bit of laughter.

On this category, you can stream all the comedy movies and TV shows such as The Seven Stages, Swedish Jobs, Lootcase, Bechari, etc

7. Biography films

Learn the life story of major popular figures. Their feats, problems, tragedy, achievements, etc

8. Mystery Movies

Another popular category is a mystery. I mean who doesn’t love a thriller and mystery movie. So, if you love suspense and thrill movies, this category is the place for you.

9. Horror Movies

Experience toe-curling and nail-biting horror experience. Horror movies are hated by some but for some, it is an experience.

Watch all the popular horror movies such as The rental, Emulate, relic, Sajen, The dinner party, etc.

Working Fimlywap Links

Most of these pirated sites usually change their domain quite a lot actually. why? Because these sites are regularly targetted by Movie Studios, Agency and government for providing copyright content on their site.

Note: These links are not guaranteed to always work in the future. But as of writing the article, they do. We also try to regularly update with the latest working links.

  • ww5.filmywap.com (recommended)
  • Filmywap.dwell
  • Filmywap.gratifying
  • Filmywap.me
  • Filmywap.cc
  • Filmy-Wap.in
  • Filmywap.in
  • Filmywap.com
  • Filmywap.expert

How Often does Filmywap release new movies and TV Shows?

We can’t provide the exact time frame, but what we can say is that they update newly-released content as soon as possible. It also adds old along with as new movies on its website.

Whenever a new movie is released in the theatre, Fimlywap doesn’t take that long for it to uploads it on its website.

Why is Filmywap so popular?

There are tons of free movie websites on the internet where you can either stream and download your content. Among the many others, Filmywap is a front runner.

So, why is it a hit? Well, let’s look at some of the reasons and aspects to see why Filmywap has been popular.

  • Via Filmywap, you can stream the latest and top movies along with songs and web series.
  • Provides a different type of HD video quality – 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Simply find the content to download, choose the video quality, and click on it to download on your device for offline view.
  • Talking about the variety on the website, Fimlywap has tons of categories and genres to choose from and explore the site based on your mood what to watch. 
  • Even with the constant URL changes, Fimlywap has several online mirror and proxy sites servers available for the visitors to access the sites.
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate around the site interface.

Filmywap – FAQs

Is Filmywap legal?

No, it is not legal at all.  Filmywap is a pirated website and downloading content from here is illegal.

How many movies can I download per day on Fimlywap?

There is no limitation on how much you can download per-day. So, you can download as much as you can.

What types of movies and shows are available on Filmywap?

You will find all Movies and Shows ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc.

It also has dubbed version too with various genres from action, comedy, sici-fi, horror, biography, etc

How can I use Fimlywap safely?

There is no 100% foul proof to safely visit the site. However, you can use a VPN, an ad-blocker just to minimize the risk.


Technoratia does not aim to promote or condone any sort of piracy. Piracy is illegal and an act of crime. It is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957.

This article is meant for educational purpose alone and we recommend you use legal streaming alternatives like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, etc.


Filmywap is a website publishing pirated content such as movies, TV shows, web-series, original web series, and movies. Since piracy is illegal, we do not recommend you visit the site. But that’s up to you to make your own decision.

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