The best thing about Android is that it’s UI is way too customizable according to as much of your liking.

There was a time when live wallpaper was fancied so much as live wallpaper is obviously more popular and attractive compared to a traditional static wallpaper.

But that doesn’t mean, it has gone completely obsolete.

There are still fans and people who like to keep their homepage lively and mesmerizing with dynamic content on their smartphone and tablets.

13 best live wallpaper apps for Android

Note: Since it’s a live wallpaper, it’s obviously gonna drain more battery.

We have scoured through the app store and handpicked some of the best live wallpaper apps just for you.

1. Giraffe Playground

Giraffe Playground is the name of a developer here on Google play store.

They have Two live wallpaper apps namely:

  • Clock Studio live wallpaper and
  • Hypno Clock live wallpaper

Clock Studio live wallpaper: It is a really fun clock live wallpaper which shows you the actual time.

Update: It is currently undergoing a major overhaul to fix critical bugs. It will be back soon

Hypno Clock live wallpaper: This app is a live wallpaper which portrays the animated parts and gears of a mechanical watch.

Basically, it captures the magic of clockwork!

Price: Free/$2.50

2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you want a new gorgeous wallpaper every day but really couldn’t spare the time or remember it every day.

This app is a must for you. Muzei will refresh your home screen each day with famous artworks.

Features of Muzei Live Wallpaper:

  • Changes to a new wallpaper every day automatically
  • Blur and dim the Background wallpaper to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight
  • Choose what photos to use on your home screen
  • Supported on android wear
  • Easy to use & Gorgeous UI

Price: Free

3. Walloop™ Live Wallpapers

Walloop™ Live Wallpapers is another free Android Wallpaper App which has a huge library of a collection of HD live backgrounds with 3D effect wallpaper and moving wallpapers.

Not only that, if you want to switch to a static wallpaper, later on, it also has a large collection of the most innovative HD wallpaper.

Features of Walloop™ Live Wallpapers:

  • Change automatically your favorite wallpapers or live wallpapers
  • Use your videos as a Live Wallpaper
  • Personalize your phone with custom color from the home screen to lock screen
  • Large collection of live backgrounds, HD wallpapers, 4K Animated GIFs and videos
  • Low battery consumption
  • Share your favorite wallpapers on social media
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Premium Live Wallpaper (Pro)

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchases

4. Forest Live Wallpaper

If you want a chill, wind blowing and trees swaying feel, then Forest Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice for you.

It is super simple and minimalistic. It used to have weather info as well.

But unfortunately, the app is so popular that it got the OpenWeatherMap account of the developer suspended because the number of requests using the API key significantly exceeds the threshold.

That’s not really a good thing but it still a really good app.

Features of Forest Live Wallpaper:

  • Nice and relaxing wallpaper
  • Customize the colors to suit your taste and theme
  • Minimalistic and easy to use
  • Fades from day to night
  • Parallax effect

Price: Free/Offers in-app purchases

5. Hex Shaders

Hex Shaders has a futuristic and hypnotic feel with hexagonal pixels which has a shader program. It is really easy to use and has a UI.

Features of Hex Shaders:

  • Animated live wallpaper with hexagonal pixels
  • Contains over 15 various hex shade designs that you can choose from
  • Customize different properties of wallpaper such as detail level and animation speed

Price: Free

6. Device Info Live Wallpaper

Device Info Live WallPaper is a newcomer on the play store but it has made quite a name for itself in just a short amount of time.

Rather than going to your setting or open other apps to check your device info, this app displays useful information about your device as a live wallpaper format.

It is also designed with consideration for lower-power consumption which is a big boost.

Features of Device Info Live WallPaper :

  • Display various device information of your phone in a cool way
  • Change Background Color
  • Animation speed
  • Choose the information to be displayed
  • Move each information stat frame

Price: Free

7. 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD

Want fish, sea corals and air bubbles on your screen? If so, 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD is an app that will help you do that exactly.

Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL and has a cool 3D parallax effect too.

Features of 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD:

  • Realistic aquarium background wallpaper
  • Dozens of different exotic fishes swimming on a background
  • Colorful sea corals, plants and beautiful sunrays
  • Swipe your phone screen left and right to move your background too.
  • The Battery is optimized for smooth running

Price: Free

8. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker as the name suggest is a little bit different than the rest of the apps in this list.

It lets you make your own wallpaper designs and display any data you need, through the WYSIWYG editor which is fairly easy to use too.

Some customization features include:

  • Custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects
  • Shapes like Ovals, Triangles, Hexagons, etc
  • 3D flip transformations
  • Gradients, shadows, tiling and color filters
  • Add clock, Google Fit data, weather, system info
  • Magnetic sensors and many more
  • They also have a PRO upgrade which will give access to some advanced features and Ad removal.

Price: Free/$3.49

9. Earth & Moon

If you have a love for space, I think you are absolutely going to adore this app.

Earth & Moon live wallpaper basically brings a realistic interactive 3D representation of the earth, moon, and clouds.

It is an HD resolution textures, made specifically for tablets. But works on a smartphone too.

100% Free and also at the same time ad-free too.

Features of Earth & Moon live wallpaper:

  • Realistic 3D earth, moon, and Clouds with real shadows
  • Lens flare effect, reflections
  • Incredible 3D parallax effects using gravity sensor or gyroscope
  • Super customizable

Price: Free

10. Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Snowfall Live Wallpaper is an excellent 3D live wallpaper app for Android users who want a winter theme on their homepage.

it has an animated screensaver with falling 2D / 3D snowflakes. They also have a live water effect and set of HD winter backgrounds too.

Features of Snowfall Live Wallpaper:

  • 12 HD winter pictures and landscapes
  • Features Live water effect that will simulate like water drops, waves, and ripples
  • Automatically sleep when your phone is inactive to minimize battery usage
  • Smooth 3D animations

Price: Free

11. Live wallpapers

Same as Giraffe Playground, it includes a set of gorgeous live wallpaper apps from

Some of them are free while some are paid ones.

The more popular ones include:

  • Space Colony
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Alien Shapes
  • Symphony of Colors, and more.

Price: Free/Paid

12. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Are you a lover of abstract shapes? If yes, you can download this cool ever-changing wallpapers which will change as soon as you return back to your main menu, or in an interval of time.

It is simple and minimalistic.

Features of Chrooma Live Wallpaper:

  • Background changes every time you come back to your home screen.
  • 12 different shapes.
  • Customizable animations.
  • Unlimited combinations of colors
  • Battery save mode

Price: Free

13. 3D Parallax Background

As the name of the app itself suggests, it features a multi-layer holographic illusion live wallpaper which uses the parallax effects.

If you didn’t find anything you like, You can even create your own theme too.

Features of 3D Parallax Background:

  • Stunning illusion
  • High Parallax Effect depth perception
  • Over 250 themes and growing or create your own
  • Smooth and battery efficient
  • No background processes

Price: Free


There is no perfect app which satisfies all the needs and everyone has different styles and needs too. It all depends on your trust of judgment and personal taste.

But we do try our very best to pick out and recommend only the one we find useful and interesting.

So, do check out our roundup and let us know if you find it useful or not.

As I said, it is a very subjective thing. So, if your favorite app didn’t make it on this list, don’t worry at all.

Make sure that you leave the name of the app in the comments section below and we will check it out. Thank you!

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