Popcorn Time APK – Alongside ShowBox, Popcorn is a popular media and movie app/ streaming applications available for both Android device and IOS users.

It is pretty much the same as the popular on-demand television platforms of the likes of Netflix or HBO, which offers a huge catalog of films and all sorts of TV programs. The only difference between the two is that Popcorn is 100% Free.

Popcorn Time allows you to watch hundreds if not thousands of movies and TV shows online for free, in HD or SD with subtitles without having to download anything.

Popcorn Time Features:

  • Wide collection of movies – Popcorn Time is constantly searching all over the web for the best torrents from the most important sites.
  • No restrictions – Watch any movie or TV Show as many times as you want. All you need to get started with Popcorn Time is a proper internet connection.
  • Latest releases – If the movie is out there, Popcorn Time will find the best version possible and start streaming it right away.
  • Awesome Streaming Quality – Watch your movie or Tv show instantly on Popcorn Time in HD and with subtitles.
  • The user interface is elegant and intuitive.
  • Movies and series in their original language with subtitles.
  • Sort the results by rating, genre or year.
  • Download the videos to watch them offline.

However, it does require a proper internet connection to stream.

Popcorn Time APK File Info:

NamePopcorn Time
Latest Versionv6.2.1
File Size43.9 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+

How to Install Popcorn Time APK?

Step 1: First of all, enable the “unknown sources” installation Option. Go to  Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources

Step 2: Download the Popcorn Time APK file via the links provided below. (bottom of the page)

Step 3: Locate the APK file where you have downloaded on your phone.

Step 4: Click on the Popcorn APK and hit the install button.

Step 5: After the installation is completed, Open the Popcorn app and enjoy it!

Step 6: This last step is more of an optional but just to be on the safe side, Disable the Unknown Sources Option

Leaving your Unknown sources option open can leave a huge security loophole.

So, after you finish installing, Go back to the Privacy << Unknown Sources and Uncheck it again.

To think about it, It is a very simple thing yet it can save you from many headaches.

Now that Popcorn Time is already installed. Enjoy watching the movies, TV programs, and series.

Note: Update the app to its latest version to ensure a bug-free movie experience.

Come back to our site if the app prompts for an Update, we will have the latest Popcorn Time Apk updated by then.

Steps to Take when Popcorn Time is not working-

Step 1: In case something is wrong with the app and it isn’t working fine, first of all, check if you have the latest version of the Popcornapp.

The older version might be filled with bugs. So, by updating it to the latest version, it will ensure a bug-free movie experience.

But for some reason, If not. Then go install the latest version.

So, let’s assume that you have the latest version. But the problem still persists.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Choose Popcorn Time

Step 3: Select Storage and Clear the data along with the app cache

Step 4: Restart the app

Step 5: Uninstall the app and reinstall it (Optional)

However, In case, if you face any difficulty downloading it or installing it, you can always ask us.

How does Popcorn Time Works?

Step 1: Open Popcorn Time app and select a movie or episode.

Step 2: Select quality and subtitles

Step 3: Click play and enjoy!

It’s that simple!

Recent Improvements and BugFixes:

  • Drag and drop subtitles (.srt files) on the player to load them. This will allow you to run external subtitles to stream it on Popcorn Time.
  • Files are not shared over P2P after you watch it.
  • get direct stream URL while using html5 video player
  • remove broken filters and provider links
  • set rarbg as an online search engine in settings.js
  • fix chromecast scrollbar


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