Chief of Staff Season 3 – Netflix has recently been showing more interest in Korean drama shows and has been promoting tons of Korean based series on its platform.

One of them is the Chief Of Staff series which has also gained plenty of popularity in Netflix! By making an enormous hit with its two seasons now, it’s been confirmed that we’ll soon get to ascertain a 3rd new season as well.

Here are all the complete details on info from the release date, trailer to the cast for Chief Staff Season 3.

Most of the Korean dramas are usually theme centric, and this particular one- Cheif of Staff is no different. It deals with the political scenario. Kwak Jung-hwan directs the show, the screenplay is written by Lee Dae-il, and therefore the producer is Korea’s Next Entertainment World.

Chief Of Staff Season 3, Chief of staff may be a south Korean series supported politics. The storyline for the drama revolves around the main characters by the name of Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min. the author of this drama is Lee Dae.

Chief of Staff Season 3

Ever since the discharge of its first season fans is falling for the series. they’re looking forward to the third season to release soon.

Renewal status for Chief of Staff Season 3

The season hasn’t been renewed. The pandemic has already delayed the renewals and releases for films and shows across the planet. it’d be the rationale for the delay within the restoration of the season.

There is no release date. The season has not been revived and therefore the previous season released in November 2019. The finale for an equivalent was out on 10th December 2019.

Since the show aired in June 2019, wee may need to wait a touch longer for its creators to announce a release date to the 3rd season. The season is predicted to launch in 2021.

Chief of Staff Season 3 Cast Members

As far as cast concerned, it’s been speculated that the bulk of the first cast for the series are going to be returning for the new show also.

  • The first on the list is Lee Jung-Jae playing as Jang Tae-Joon,
  • Shin Min-a as Kang Seon-Yeong,
  • Lee Elijah as Yoon Hye-won,
  • Jung Jin-young as Lee Seong-min,
  • Kim Kap-soo as Song-Hee-shop,
  • Jung Woong-in as Oh Won-sik and
  • Im Won-hee as Go Seok-man.

Given these names are the first focus of the show, we expect them to return just in case Cheif of Staff gets renewed for a season 3.

Chief Of Staff season 3 Plot Details

There are not many details about the plot. Although, it’s quite obvious that it’ll depict the political aspirations and therefore the usual drama of politicians.

The snakes and ladder of politics and therefore the sugarcoated lies will make season 3 more appealing to the audience. Of course, it’ll have an entire lot of suspense and hidden truths behind the curtains.

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