Important Note: Previously Clash Of Lights used to host 4 servers such as (clash of lights s1,s2,s3 and clash of light s4) Each of them with different features.

But as of writing this article, it provides only one server. But it has all the features of those servers in this one server. (We will update it if anything new update happens)

Clash of Lights

Clash Of Lights is a private server that works like the old gem Clash of Clans which has got huge success in the market since it’s release.

But Clash Of Lights actually isn’t actually Clash of Clans.

They are both two different games although they do look similar. So, in this sense, they provide you with unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, and Elixir.

Clash Of Lights is the mod version of Coc. So, basically, it’s a clash of lights mod apk. The Light servers are not hosted and served by the Supercell but they are hosted by

Why Download Clash of Lights?

If you have already played Clash of clans, you might experience frustration sometimes because there are very limited amounts of resources available.

Players have to play and wait for long hours sometimes even days and weeks just to unlock the various features and achievement the game has to offer.

The primary instinct to download Clash of Lights is because it provides you an unlimited supply of resources.

Unlike Clash of Clan, you get unlimited resources such as elixirs, gems, golds, global chatting, requests and sends troops, etc.

So, you basically can raise an army in a short time and go to battle.

Clash of Lights APK Info:

Version v13.0.87
File size 138.1 MB
App by Supercell
Last Updated 3 days ago

Features of Clash of Lights:

Unlimited building and defenses: No more of your precious base will be occupied by useless and immovable trees and rocks.

Now, you can add as many buildings and defenses as you like.

Unlimited gems: Waiting for long hours to finish your upgrade is seriously frustrating! But with this latest version of clash of lights. No more of that!

It comes with unlimited, green crystal and you can literally upgrade anything instantly.

Unlimited Troops: Sometimes while playing games like COC, it annoys me so much that we can create only a certain amount of troops.

But with the clash of lights, you can create an infinite or unlimited number of armies.

Unique Heroes: You also get legendary heroes like the Golem King, Goblin King and many others who will fight with their lives to save the village.

  • 99% Uptime
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Works Without Root
  • Anti Ban APK
  • Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems
  • Working Clan Features
  • Working Real 1V1
  • Create your own alliances
  • Infinite Custom Buildings
  • 100% Secure with DDOS Shield Enable
  • And many more…

Clash of Lights Built-In Game Commands

Use these commands in your global chat to get certain perks.

  • id – (prints your id or username)
  • /refill – (to get max resources, gems, gold, elixir, etc)
  • /suicidal – (kill yourself)
  • /tsarbomba – (reset base)
  • /help – (lists accessible instructions)
  • /cut – (clears all difficulties)
  • /easy – (sail through your base completely, in builder base too, to upgrade your base, players need to use it)
  • /upgrade – (maxes all you formerly have to the maxed level)


  • Stable internet connection.
  • Decent amount of storage space.

Installation Guide for Clash Of Lights

Step 1: Download the Clash of Lights Apk below (bottom of the page)

Note: Sometimes you may get a notification saying that this type of file may harm your devices

It’s just a browser security protocol.

Since our APK are 100% free from Virus or hacks. You don’t need to worry about it. We make sure to cover that part already.

So, Simply Click “Ok”

Step 2: Enable the Unknown Sources.

Go to phone settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Source, check it and turn it on.

Step 3: Locate the APK file on your mobile storage and Run the installation

Step 4: Additional Downloads

After the installation is finished, open the app and it will ask for further downloading of some files.

Note: It doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes after the additional files are downloaded. It may restart a few times to complete server requirements.

Be Patient: Like mentioned above, Sometimes it can get frustrating as it may restart a few times in the middle of the game.

But Please don’t lose patience, as sometimes the server configuration may have some glitch. But it will not affect any game progress.

Step 4: Leaving your Unknown sources option is a huge security risk.

So, Disable the Unknown Sources Option

This last step is more of an optional just to be on the safe side.

If you got any other question, let us know in the comments below!

Weekly Updates: The APK offers you weekly updates. Updates are rolled out depending on the original servers. The updates are fast, secure, reliable and most importantly get released on time.

So stay tuned for further updates.


There are definitely gonna be some trolls or scammers on the internet. They come in all shapes and may have many tricks up their sleeves.

All I am saying that there may be some fake sites offering the game Apk. You need to be aware of it as you may end up downloading a virus or malware rather than the APK of the game.

If not maybe a tampered version.

So, be wary and picky in choosing the site where to download the APK of the game.

But I am not saying, all of the sites that are offering CLASH OF LIGHTS APK are dangerous or tampered.

All I am saying is, be careful where you download.

Our APK files are 100% Untampered and free from all hacks and viruses.

We also try our best to keep up-to-date with the latest Clash of lights game download APK.


What is Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights is a private server that works like Clash of Clans but actually isn’t Clash of Clans and not owned by super-cell.

Difference between Clash of Clan and Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights is like a mod version of clash of clans that is run on a completely different server than that of supercell ones.

Clash of Lights is run on personal/private gaming servers in which you get unlimited stones, unlimited gold, and unlimited elixir.
It means that there is no limitation in this game.

Is it free?

Yes, it is 100% free to play.

Will it affect the Speed of my phone?

No, it won’t harm the speed of your phone



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