To think about it, your phone is literally capable of many things – communicate with people all over the world, stream movies, play games and a flashlight on it is nothing out of the ordinary.

The flashlights on your Phone are really handy and be very essential at times in many different situations like finding your keys at night, unlocking doors in the dark, walking down the dark alley, etc.

So, whenever it’s dark and you need to be able to see. Just whip out your handy Android phone and enable the flashlight.

How exactly can you turn on the flashlight on your Android device? There is more than one way to do it and some are more specific to certain types of phones.

But here are some of the best and common ways on how to turn on the flashlight on android Phone.

How To Turn on Flashlight on Android Phone

Turn on Flashlight via Quick Settings on Android

Only after Android 5.0 Lollipop which was launched in 2014, Android phones have official flashlights toggle located in the quick settings.

To turn on the flashlight, all you gotta do is pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen, find the flashlight toggle, and tap on it to turn on your flashlight.

In some cases, the flashlight toggle is located on the next screen of the Quick access and you may not see the Flashlight button. So, you may need to swipe left or right to access more icons.

For easier access, tap on the “Edit” option, and simply drag the flashlight icon to the first row. Click “Done” to confirm the changes.

After you have finished, tap on the flashlight toggle again to turn off the flashlight.

Use Google Assistant

The Quick toggle option is the easiest but what if your hands are dirty or occupied and you need to turn on your flashlight.

If that’s the option, you can always rely upon and use voice commands. To launch Google Assistant, either tap on the mic or long-press the home button and say the phrase, “OK Google, turn on my flashlight.”

In order to experience a totally hands-free approach, set up your Google Assistant to respond anytime you say “OK Google,”.

This way you don’t need to tap your mic, long-press your home screen to launch Google Assistant. Simply say “OK Google,” and you can command even when the screen is off.

Google Assistant will turn your flashlight on as soon as you command it. Apart from turning the flashlight on, you can also ask to read your email, play the music, weather updates, tell the time, etc.

When you are done, simply say, “Okay, Google, turn off the flashlight.” It’s that simple!

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Enable Flashlight via a Widget

Besides toggling the quick access, another easy to access on how to turn on the flashlight on an android phone and the most super simple way is to add a flashlight widget on your Homescreen.

This is the best alternative if your phone already doesn’t have any flashlight toggle built-in on your quick access.

Long-press on any space in your Home screen and a widget button will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

Next, tap on the Widgets button < click on the Flashlight toggle and drag it to your Home screen.

The flashlight widget will be available on your Homescreen and the next time, you need to turn on flashlight mode. Just tap on it and that’s it!

Shake to Turn On the Flashlight

Certain Android phones have built-in gestures that automatically turn on the flashlight if any of the gestures are fulfilled. It includes shaking, double-tap, etc.

However, not many devices have this feature anymore. So, for this feature to work, you need to install the Shake Flashlight App.

After installing, all you have to do is shake your phone and it will automatically turn on the torch. This will work even if the screen of your Android device is off.

In order to avoid turning on your flashlight every time you move the phone, you can adjust the sensitivity of the app in the app’s settings from 1-10.

Tap on the three vertical dots or ellipsis on the top right corner and select “Shake Sensitivity”. 

However, i would recommend you to stick to the built-in flashlight widgets or toggles since many of the apps are unreliable at times and may contain ads.

Use Your Volume Keys to Enable the Flashlight

In order for this to work, you first need the Torchie App on your device.

The app is very light, tiny, and small, takes about (~1 MB) of your device storage and it doesn’t have any ads with completely free to use.

Once you have installed, select the Torchie functionality on the App Homescreen and enable the accessibility of your device (Torchie Quick).

Next, hold both the volume buttons together at the same time or press the volume up and down button simultaneously to quickly enable the flashlight.

Also, make sure to grant “Accessibility Service” permission to it in order for the app to work in the background.

Gesture Method (Only for OnePlus devices)

If you are a OnePlus device user, turning on your flashlight is much more easier, simpler and more effective.

You just need to draw a gesture “V” on your on the screen while it’s turned off.

However, it doesn’t come activated by default, you first need to enable the gesture function into the settings menu.

Step 1: Head over to your device settings menu.

Step 2: Select the “Gestures” option.

Step 3: Next, enable the “Toggle flashlight” settings.

Step 4: Once the gesture is enabled, simply draw a “V” with your fingers on the screen while it’s turned off and it will automatically turn on the flashlight.


Now that you know how to turn on the flashlight on an android phone, the next time you pass a dark alley or need to find your car keys in the night, you won’t get stuck in the dark for long.

With multiple ways and tons of flashlight apps, you now have various options to easily turn on the flashlight when you do need it.

Doesn’t matter which method you use, turning on the flashlight is a simple task. Which method do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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