Deadwind Season 3: Deadwind is a Finnish Police Crime Drama series that holds a tag of favorite series among the Netflix viewers.

The series first aired in Finland and had shifter to Netflix because of its popularity. The series had a total of 2 seasons till yet and each season has a jaw-dropping mystery case with different subplots.

Recently its season 2 had been dropped on Netflix in July 2020 which had made the fans hoping more from it which could only be done if there will be season 3. Let’s delve more to find about the possibilities for its third season.

Deadwind Season 3- When Will It Happen? 

The second season of the show comprises 8 episodes which ended with cliffhangers regarding the drug dealer murders which is expected to solve in season 3, for which the producers, as well as the Netflix, had given a green flag and now we can delightfully wait for the next season 3 of the show till August 2021 The delay in the release date is probably because of the current situation of Covid-19 which has dropped off several other movie and TV projects.

Deadwind Season 3

Deadwind- About Series

The story revolves around a detective Sofia who had lost her other half and was a widowed mother of two children.

She even holds a murder case on her. While doing her duty in a police station, A lady went on to be missing and was later found in a remote area as buried in the land and was dead which lead the protagonist along with her team to begin the investigation. While solving the case she came to know about various puzzling things regarding the case.

Deadwind- Cast

  • Pihla Viitala acted  as Sofia Karppi
  • Lauri Tilkanen acted as Sakari Nurmi
  • Jani Volanen  acted as Usko Bergdahl
  • Pamela Tola acted as Anna Bergdahl
  • Eedit Patrakka acted as Armi Bergdahl
  • Elsa Brotherus acted as Isla Bergdahl
  • Tommi Korpela acted as Alex Hoikkala
  • Pirjo Lonka acted  as Julia Hoikkala
  • Riku Nieminen acted as Roope Hoikkala
  • Jonna Järnefelt acted  as Linda Hoikkala
  • Raimo Grönberg acted as Tapio Koskim

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