Desert One: If you are a politics enthusiast, you probably know something about the infamous Operation Eagle Claw carried out by the United States of America in Iran.

For those who have no idea about the top-secret mission- it was an utter failure and resulted in huge global humiliation for the USA. 

Desert One is a documentary covering the whole fiasco.

Desert One- Plot Details

Barbara Kopple, the Oscar-winning documentary maker from America, has once again managed to prove how she is the absolute best at what she does- make documentaries- with Desert One. It is a powerful account of President Carter’s attempt to rescue more than fifty American hostages in Iran(Operation Eagle Claw).

As a result of the Iranian Revolution in 1978, the U.S. Embassy in Iran was ambushed by student militants, capturing the American employees working there. Ergo, the President decided to rescue fellow Americans after a series of diplomatic attempts failed to work. The ill-fated effort, however, met many obstacles like sandstorms and cracked rotor blades and ended with a loss of eight valuable lives of American soldiers and servicemen. As a result, Jimmy Carter lost the upcoming elections as well. 

Desert One Documentary


The documentary includes interviews done by Barbara Kopple with Jimmy Carter, the hostages, and the Iranian captors, including an Iranian man who was just eleven years old at the time of the mission and was on a bus with his family in the desert.

In the documentary, President Carter actively took all responsibility for the failure.

Release Date and How Can You Watch It?

The documentary premiered on 21 August 2020. It is currently being run on a few theatres in the USA since it’s a theatrical release. But, it is available for streaming as a virtual theatre and can be watched through by paying a fee on its official website.

Selecting your city on the website’s “Get Tickets” area will show you which local theatres are showcasing the film virtually or at a predetermined time. After paying for it and unlocking the film on your account, you will be given fourteen days to watch Desert One, and once you start it, you will have 72 hours to complete it. What an adventure.

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