If I stay 2 is a sequel that revolves around a young girl’s unusually moving tale and the story seems to be hanging between life and death.

Mia is a young and very talented cellist who is adored by everyone in her family. Mia aims to pursue more knowledge about music at a prestigious place, which is the Juilliard.

At the same time, Mia has a boyfriend named Adam who is also as talented as her, a member of a rock band, and a popular senior at the college.

Everything seems to be going well until many unexpected bad things started to com Mia’s way. First She faces a very catastrophic car crash, which was a horrible experience of her life and everyone is dead except her.

Now the movie is about how she deals and her experiences her experiences without her family.

Moreover, the narrative style of the film is also quite imposing with the narration of most of the scenes through music or flashback views.

If I Stay 2

IF I Stay two Release Date

The initial movie was quite a success, in terms of the audience and the box office.

Okay, maybe some negative reviews from the critics.

Fans of the show have been requesting a sequel for a while now, but as of now, unfortunately, there’s no news of renewal from the show creators yet. And if it is even set for renewal, we cannot expect it to air before 2025 especially due to the COVID pandemic.

If I Stay 2 Cast Members

We can expect the original cast to be back if the sequel is indeed a thing.

  • Mia Hall acts as the role of teenagers.
  • Kim Schein acts as Mia’s best friend.
  • Teddy Hall acts as Mia’s younger brother.
  • Adam Wilde acts as Mia Hall’s boyfriend.
  • Denny Hall acts as Mia’s father.
  • Kat Hall acts as Mia’s mother.
  • And many others.


No trailer has been released at the moment. We will update you as soon as we get more information regarding the sequel.

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