DisneyNow.com Activate Code – Disney Now is a media and streaming platform that brings you all the popular Disney Chanel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs), live TV shows, and many other games in a single place.

Disney has over the years expanded its reach with the newly launched Disney + broadcast platform. This basically means you can stream all your Disney Favorite Library, without the need for huge TV and additional sticks or boxes.

It enables you to stream all your favorite shows on the go even when you are not at home and away from your TV.

It provides you pretty much all the shows, Movies and other content available on Disney library of all pre-existing shows and movies.
So, you can stream the newer content along with all the Disney classics and other originals.

Disney Plus is really beneficial more so for family. Rather than subscribing individually for all of your favorite Disney movies or shows, with the Disney Plus, you pretty much get all access in a single subscription.

They also update it’s content regularly with newly released shows and Movies.

DisneyNow.com Activate Code

Pre-Requirements to Activate Disney Now

First of all, you would need an active cable or satellite subscription that includes the Disney package.
Next, is the obvious one, an active internet connection
You must be located within the US and its neighbouring territories, including Puerto Rico, Saipan, Bermuda, Guam, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

Note: Disney Now features Disney Chanel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. Game offerings, however it may change and differ based on the platform.

The Disney Plus will provides you with hundreds of movies and even more thousands of TV shows from the 90 years of content.Ranging from animated movies and live-action shows and movies such as the classics Snow White, Cinderella, The Lion King, and many other more.

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Disney will also list and give access to all the Pixar movies which includes the classics Star Wars shows and movies. By the way, if you are a Marvel fans, you will be excited to hear that the New Hawkeye, Wanda and many of it’s TV series and shows will be made available and release on the platform.

By the way, due to contract with other platform such as HBO, Netflix,etc Not all of Disney’s service will be found, yet. But will soon make their way to the service after. According to reports, Disney does plans to move all of its content to it’s platform and keep out of competition for the next few years.

Signing Up

You need to sign up to activate Disney Now. However, Signing up for a free trial is super simple.

To do so, head to Disney + website or download the Disney app to your smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet, or any other compatible device.

Next, register or create your account. The usual stuff, email, name, password, etc. You will also need to enter your payment information to get a free trial which last for seven days.

In the trial period, check out their services and see if you like it. If you’re not a fan, you can cancel your free trial plan before they get automatically charged for a standard subscription after the free trial ends.

However, if you do like it, you can continue the subscription to continue using their service.

How to activate Disney Now

  • You can choose your participating TV provider to receive a unique activation code to verify with Disney Now.
  • Once you have the activation codes, copy this link disneynow.go.com/activate and paste on a web browser to activate your device.
  • On the activation page, enter the 7 digit activation code and click on “Continue”.
  • Next, You’ll then be redirected to your TV provider sign-in page.
  • Sign in with your TV provider.
  • Once logged in, You’ll see the word “Congratulations” on your screen which basically means your device is activated.

Note: if the activation code doesn’t work, chances are it probably has expired. If that happens, click on the menu button of the app to exit. Once you enter the app again, a new activation code will be generated automatically for your device.

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Disney Now Compatible Devices

Disney Now is pretty much compatible with tons of devices. To name a few of the common one’s, such as – Android, iOS, Kindle, Roku, and Apple TV.

By the way, you can also stream on your Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Internet Explorer, etc

How to Activate Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

You can set up Disney Plus on your LG TV if you own one of LG’s TV that made from 2016 onwards and run webOS 3.0 or later. If your LG TV fits the criteria, get the Disney Plus app from the LG Content Store.

  • Join Disney Plus
  • Next, access the LG Content Store from your TV’s Home screen
  • Use the search icon from the top of the screen and locate the Disney+ app
  • Via your TV remote, click on the ‘Install’ button
  • Once downloaded, simply click on the Disney+ icon to launch the app on your LG Home Launcher

How to Activate Disney Plus On Smart TV – Samsung TV

Disney Plus is available on Samsung TVs. Again similar to LG TV, check and make sure your Tizen OS is at least 2016.

Follow these steps to get Disney Plus on your Samsung TV +.

  • First of all, Subscribe to Disney + (obvious answer)
  • Power on your Samsung TV and connect your TV to the internet
  • On the Home screen, swipe to the left to locate the Applications icon
  • Select the “Recommended” or the “Recent Applications” or from the upper-right corner of the screen, search for “Disney +”
  • Using the remote control, Locate to the Disney + icon and select it
  • Choose the “Add to Home” and install the Disney application
  • Once installed, open the application and log in with the login credentials that you chose when signing up.

Conclusion: DisneyNow.com Activate Code

A quick recap, to use the service, you’ll need a Disney Subscription, a supported device, broadband internet connection.

If you have any trouble activating your Disney Plus account, let us know in the comments below!

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