Today, businesses demand strategic marketing campaigns to stay up in the digital game. Therefore, big brands trust the power of marketing campaigns to stay ahead of their competitors. But when it is about gaining maximum ROI, businesses and marketers only trust email marketing tactics. Yes, the emails have been a torchbearer for decades now in the marketing race. Increased customer retention, boosting sales, or winning new leads – you point out the problem, email marketing will be the all-in-one solution. It is why email marketing has become a foundation for growing businesses.

Why Opt for an Email Marketing Campaign?

As every marketer’s first choice, email marketing campaigns continue to be the popular marketing strategy to generate sales, profit, and revenue. Also, the annual report from a leading marketing company projects that businesses can create an ROI of $35 – $40 if they focus on creating a foundational email marketing strategy. Therefore, big or small businesses must spend their time and money building a fruitful email marketing campaign.

This article highlights seven ways to create effective email marketing campaigns.

  • Create compelling preheaders

More often, marketers miss out on drafting creative preheaders when creating email marketing campaigns. An eye-catching preheader text is likely to engage more subscribers and generate more website traffic. If they use relevant preheaders or preview texts, they will gradually witness a spike in engagement rates, CTRs (click-through rates), and open rates. To write crisp and clear preheaders, you must follow the character limit of 35 – 140.

So, next time do not miss out on thinking out of the box preheader text content and subject lines.

  • Create creative subject lines

Subject lines matter the most when working on creating an effective email marketing strategy. If you learn the art of how you can allure your target audience (subscribers and readers) with the creative content in subject lines, you are at the winning end. They will boost your click-through rates and open rates while eventually decreasing the unsubscribe rates. You must:

  • Personalize subject lines
  • Stop beating around the bush
  • Be creative in experimenting

So, to create a spark (in the inbox) of your readers, you must focus on creating captivating subject lines.

  • Add relevancy in emails

After conducting multiple A/B tests and analyzing the results, marketers have concluded that subscribers find short and straightforward emails readable. If you have a clear idea about what your email marketing campaign is all about, you must aim at delivering the same to your target audience. For instance, if the goal of your email marketing campaign is getting more sales, then you must create and use email templates highlighting your USP with relevant CTAs. It will boost your website traffic and customer engagement rates.

So, to win the trust of your readers and subscribers, remember the critical point – relevancy is the king!

  • Focus on mobile-friendly emails 

The digital era has indeed brought optimization in sizes. Today, almost every other person checks their smartphone or tablet when waking up or sleeping. It can be simple browsing or scrolling their mailbox. Thus, you must find this as an opportunity and aim at creating mobile-friendly emails. You can use the mobile-responsive templates that fit small devices, add optimized media that loads faster, use to-the-point content for offering an exceptional customer experience. You can opt for cool newsletter ideas meant for the smartphone audience too.

Meanwhile, do not forget about your desktop audience too! They are frequent visitors, too.

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  • Automate Your Email Campaigns

Businesses can generate 75-80% of revenue if they automate their email campaigns. Besides income, automation will also save marketers’ efforts and help them manage the campaigns effectively. They can send targeted emails to the new subscribers, send transactional and promotional emails with email segmentation, customer segmentation, and observe potential growth in empowering customer experience. By selecting the right automation tool, they can even improve their future email campaigns. Thus, it is important to build an automated email campaign.

  • Offer Multilayer Personalization

To plan the most effective email marketing strategy, marketers must teach the power of personalization in their campaigns. In the blooming digital era, personalization is no more about using the name of your subscriber. To hit the right chord, you must exercise their:

  • behaviour,
  • visiting frequency,
  • purchasing history, and more.

To begin with, you can use their basic information to boost customer engagement and loyalty rates. For example, send them occasion-friendly emails on festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Once you know it, you can move to the next step by using the demographics and sending them relevant and timely emails.

Do not miss out on captivating CTAs.

  • Anti-spam emails

To create a marketing strategy that works well with your emails campaigns, focus on these critical points else you might land up in the spam or trash box forever:

  • Avoid using crappy or cheesy subject lines or preheader texts
  • Stop repeating your subject lines
  • Avoid writing irrelevant and lengthy emails

If you continue otherwise, you might lose your subscribers that will ultimately impact your customer retention rate.

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