What are The Best Tips for Email Marketing Success? Here are the top twelve email marketing tips you should always apply to every email campaign for your campaign’s success.

When it comes to email marketing, there is a fine line between building a customer base and simply sending emails into the void.

Like all online marketing, strong emails take strategy and finesse to get right. Without the right approach, you may cost yourself customers and sales.

So what goes into a stellar customer email? Keep reading for our top 12 email marketing tips that you need to learn immediately.

What are The Best Tips for Email Marketing Success

1. Personalize Every Email

This is one of our top mass email marketing tips. We know you can’t sit down and handwrite everything that you send out. But personalization is necessary to stand out from other mass emails.

Make sure every email is addressed to the recipient’s preferred name. It shows them that you know who you are contacting, and care about their reaction to your message.

2. Be Consistent

If you send out a few sporadic emails a year, you won’t catch anyone’s eye. Be consistent in the frequency of your emails.

Also, be consistent in what you offer. Make sure every email you send has valuable takeaways for the reader. Never send emails that are just fluff, or people will stop opening your messages.

3. Automate

Automation is your friend when it comes to email marketing. Set up your system to send out automatic emails on birthdays or anniversaries. This is an easy way to show your recipients that you care.

Automation is part of successful email management. Your email app or email client will help you manage your emails effectively.

Not familiar with email clients for your computer? Do some research to find the best Email Client Mac computers need.

4. Learn From Competitors

Many businesses choose to ignore their competitors. But that’s actually the worst thing you can do. Learn from other companies who are doing the same thing as you.

Subscribe to their email lists and see what marketing strategies they use. You may be able to improve your own marketing methodology!

5. Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

A lot of people check their email on their phones. If your email doesn’t look right on a cell phone screen, you’re going to lose interest very quickly.

So how do you make an email mobile-friendly? Try to keep subject lines between 60-70 characters so they don’t get cut off. Additionally, use images below 1150 pixels so they don’t take forever to load.

6. Press Send at the Right Time

You can’t just send emails whenever you write them. Plan your sending schedule strategically. When are people most likely to open your email?

If your email is work-related, it’s best to send it between the hours of 9 and 5. A lot of people check their inboxes as soon as they get to work, so it may also be smart to send your emails first thing in the morning. If the content of your email is leisurely, sending it before bed may also be a good idea.

7. Use Your Email Signature Wisely

If you are simply signing off with your name, you are missing a valuable opportunity for networking. Use your email signature like a business card: include your name, position, company information, and contact details.

Make different things in your email signature clickable. Do you have a profile on your company site? Link your name to that profile.

Provide other links to your website or contact form. Buffing up your email signature is an easy way to get more responses on every single email.

8. Focus on Powerful CTAs

Your goal isn’t just to get people to read your email. You’re trying to get them to click through to your website, buy your product, or some other task. Always be clear on what you are trying to get people to do in every email.

To create a powerful call to action (CTA), you need to show your recipient what problem they might be experiencing and why your solution is the perfect answer. There are a lot of ways to do this, so write every email with your CTA in mind.

9. Monitor Your Analytics

Use marketing analytics to keep tabs on the success of certain strategies. In particular, watch your click-through rate, your conversion rate, and your unsubscribe rate. This is a good way to determine what is working and how you can improve.

Using this data, feel free to experiment to find strategies that work for you.

10. Plan Out Subject Lines

Subject lines are very important. They are how we convince someone to open our email in the first place. Therefore, yours needs to be compelling.

One common strategy is implying that there’s information inside that they don’t want to miss. Tell them what deals you might offer them in your email.

In other words, make sure your subject line gives them a reason to read your message.

11. Segment Your Email List

Would you send the same email to your grandma as you would to your best friend? Probably not. So why would you do that on your email list?

Divide your recipients into groups based on what you know about them. This allows you to further personalize each email for your target audience.

12. Use Emotion

Make sure your email content connects with people’s emotions. Emotions are what motivate people to action! If you want a high engagement rate with your emails, make sure you are giving people something to react to.


If you are a business that wants to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to craft an email strategy. By using these twelve email marketing tips, you can market your brand more effectively and with more success.

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