Why switch to a hosted QuickBooks Desktop? What do you mean by QuickBooks Hosting?

Cloud hosting commonly signifies that a third-party provider builds a reliable virtual Windows PC in the cloud just for your organization, that you can access from any place with stable internet access.

You get instant access to Mac or Windows and runs like any apps and directly have access to the Cloud Hosted Desktop and then perform an installation of QuickBooks Desktop file on it.

Why switch to a hosted QuickBooks Desktop

Benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Desktop

1. Access anywhere

You can access your QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud from any device virtually like PC, Mac, Android, and an iPad and from anywhere, at any time. Also, QuickBooks Cloud Accounting is very beneficial when you can get instant access from anywhere.

Now you will be able to work away from the office or home as per your requirement. A device and an internet connection is all you require. While our new work-from-home situation due to the global pandemic, this is now more valuable and beneficial than ever!

2. Fewer failures and more backups

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on a local PC or Server, you will experience hardware failure sooner or later. It is specified with a hard drive, motherboard, a network card, etc. When you work with a hosting provider, that ordinarily will not occur to you again.

Additionally, hosting providers give eventual backups assuring you always have a backup whenever required. Offline backups are stored which assists you to protect you from the occurrence of any disaster. 

3. Constantly available

Most hosting providers allow an SLA-backed guarantee that their service will constantly be up and running which indicates that your business can rely on QuickBooks being available all the time.

4. 24/7 support

You have an organization to operate and do not need to be worried about managing software and hardware for your enterprise. 

Hosting providers can manage the software and the hardware at the same time. They make sure the current QuickBooks Desktop updates are installed, Windows is constantly updated, and your server is secured from harmful threats and viruses.

A lot of hosting providers give 24/7 support and can prefer to perform server maintenance tasks over the weekend or at night to prevent needless downtimes.

5. Less expensive

If your computer crashes or gets robbed, there are relative expenses to replace and get everything up and running again. A standard set up over 3 years will cost around $12,000. Hosting providers bill by the month and by the number of the user. If you sum it up over 3 years, most are approximately half the cost!

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6. Performance Optimization

It optimizes the performance of web applications and websites as the workload is equally distributed among the servers linked to the network. The resource availability is also huge as it does not rely on a single physical server as it is in Shared Hosting.

7. Enhanced Scalability

Cloud Hosting enables easy and instant updating of RAM and CPU, increasing scalability as and when the website traffic raises.

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