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First of all, movie streaming has never been easier. You don’t have to wait for long lines to buy a ticket to watch your favorite show.

DVD is already becoming obsolete through the rise of online video streaming sites or platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO and many more.

You just whip out your phone and whether through an app or a web-based site, it provides you access to watch any movies or TV Series in a matter of seconds.

It’s all at your fingertips to control and choose from.

FMovies to

What is Fmovies?

Fmovies is a streaming site that allows you to watch and download your favorite movies and TV Shows online for free in high-quality definition (HD).

Unlike many of the other free movie streaming sites out there, Fmovies has it’s own unique sets of features.

According to Torrentfreak, Fmovies was created some time in 2016 and blocked from Google searches in December 2016.

Fmovies was ordered to pay $210,000 after they lost a lawsuit brought by a Filipino media and entertainment group ABS-CBN.

So, it’s not exactly a legal site and we will discuss below later on how to safely access the site and stream movies online.

Fmovies Features:

Many of the alternatives to fmoviez also share similar features – 123Movies, Putlocker, KissAnime, YesMovies, and even ShowBox (download the app).

Vast Library

vast library of movies

Fmovies has a huge catalog of online movie and shows ranging from various categories from the latest Joker film to the classics back to the black and white screen such as –

  • The 400 Blows (1959),
  • Metropolis (1927)
  • The Seven Year Itch (1955)  a romance/comedy movie of Marilyn Monroe and many more.

It also features all the major television shows of the likes – Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Stranger Things, The Flash, Arrow, etc

I mean, this one is no surprise as all the other’s such as YesMovies and Putlocker has a huge list to choose from too.

Free and Unlimited

free movies and tv shows

Again, no surprises here. Fmovies allows you to watch free content there completely free to use.

There is no monthly fee, subscription fee or any fee for that matter.

If you don’t like to spend money on paid services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu for streaming movies, or just think it’s not worth it.

Fmovies got your back. There is no limitation on the amount of watch time or usage.

You can binge-watch all day long for free.

Genre/ Sorting

fmovies categories

As mentioned above that it has a large library to choose from.

Genres consist of-

  • Action.
  • Adventure.
  • Comedy.
  • Crime.
  • Drama.
  • Historical.
  • Horror.
  • Musicals/Dance, etc

It can be hard to find a particular movie to choose from, so you can sort out by Genres, Country, Rating, Box office, Year of release, languages, etc.

No Sign-Up

no registration

Unlike others, Fmovies doesn’t mandate your sign up to access their website.

That means no logging in with your password and email/username meaning no time wasted and you can watch your favorite content right away.

I mean with no registration needed, extensive library, and a wide variety of content to choose from and it’s Free.

It’s really no surprise that it had a massive userbase and appealing to a wide audience, thus making it extremely popular.

New Releases

new movie release

Before even the movie is out in the paid sites like Netflix and even Vudu, Fmovies offer early release via Cam Rips.

This can be greatly beneficial if you are looking for a way to end your sorrow of avoiding spoilers left and right as I do for Avengers Endgame.

By the way, if you don’t know what Cam rips are, they are the recordings of a movie in a theatre from a smartphone or a camcorder.

So, it’s not exactly gonna be an HD Quality but it still does the job. Speaking of Quality, next up is the Overall movie quality.

Movie Quality

fmovies movie quality

Most of the movies on Fmovies are pretty decent in their quality unless it was released a week ago and are in Camrips.

They also mentioned the quality in the thumbnail/title of the movie listings such as – Cam, HD, HD rip, TS, HD (720p) and HD (1080p).

It also has the option to choose to lower the video quality if you wanna save your data even if the movie itself is in 1080p.


subtitles for fmovies

Personally I don’t usually add subtitles unless I don’t understand the language of the movie. Eg, a french, Italian, german any other foreign language other than English.

But if you do need subtitles, you don’t need to even download it externally. It has a CC option on the screen to turn it on and off.

Subtitles can be helpful to learn new languages faster and follow along easily. It also provides a better experience for those with learning disabilities, attention deficits or autism.


Ads on fmovies

Unfortunately, you have the ads on the site. As the saying goes by Ted Hughes: “Nothing is free”. It’s one of the unfortunates of being free and you have to deal with it.

The site owners usually use ads as their main source of income for their server and hosting fees. I mean you can’t blame them.

If you absolutely ads and it is one of your major deal brokers, maybe use a VPN to block the ads or opt for the other paid streaming services.

Download Movies

download movies

Fmovies does allow downloading the movies and the shows for later use on your device – Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Since the movie file is stored on your device, you can watch it anytime, anywhere. This is greatly beneficial especially if you are going for a trip or to an area where there is no wifi or internet connection.

Some of the Fmovies URLs do allow you to choose the video quality before downloading and some just went on with the default quality.

Again Speaking of Fmovies URLs, let us discuss below it.

Fmovies Working URL

Note that there are many clone or mirror sites like Fmovies (the original one).

So, basically, they are a complete clone or a copy of the original website and are placed under a different URL but is identical in every other way.

Even the logo, the URL itself has the name, the site design and layout, header and even the wording itself.

It’s hard to differentiate which one is the original, but they all still provide you with free movies and do the job they are supposed to do.

So, the other fake sites are just copycats of the original that are riding off of the brand and the name and simply profiting from other people’s confusion.

Anyway enough bantering, here are some of the working URL of Fmovies as of now.


There are many others such as fmovies se, fmovies ru, fmovies io, fmovies org, fmovies to, fmovies com. But currently, they aren’t working.

Note: Some of the URL may or may not work based on the time you are visiting.

Many of these sites are constantly cracked down and they have a history of switching website addresses to a domain name. That’s how hard it is to ban these sites.

You blocked one, you will find two or three more tomorrow published on the web as a replacement.

Is Fmovies Legal?

Yes and No. Maybe?

It’s complicated! They are in a grey area.

Here is how Fmovies work (at least the original site) –

They, first of all, find the content on the deep web and then link to it through their site, so you can watch it from their end.

So, they basically act as the middle man and claims that no media are hosted on their servers.

That is their legal footing and overall around legal concerns. It’s a bit shaky, but nonetheless they are regarded illegal and blocked in many countries.

Is Fmovies Safe?

When you say safe as in infection from virus or malware, the original fmovies URL does seem to be safe.

However, most of these clone sites today mainly use pop-up ads which are ridiculously annoying and may lead you to unknown sources/ websites ranging from software downloads, extensions, and even adult sites.

On the other hand of safe as in illegal streaming, watching movies for free online from questionable sources can be dangerous and expose you to cyber-risk.

Nobody has ever been prosecuted for streaming and downloading movies illegally and doesn’t directly break any laws in the UK.

However, it does go against international copyright infringement laws. So, theoretically, illegal streaming can still land you for prosecution.

Note: There no such thing as fmovies app. So, please stay away from those apps on the google play store for android devices emulating fmovies.

It is risky enough watching on the web and let alone installing it.

How to use Fmovies Safely?

As mentioned above, accessing the sites from the pop-up leaves yourself open to being hacked or having malware installed.

Your Personal data such as log-in details, personal online banking or credit card information could be on the underworld market!

Also, your ISP can quickly detect you if you are using illegal streaming or download services.

So, how do you kill two birds with one stone?

Well, it’s not exactly a guarantee or a foolproof, but a VPN can be the closest thing to it.

Using a VPN, especially ExpressVPN has an in-built ad blocker that will block and prevents ads from following you online and thus keeps your browsing activity safe at the same time.

Not only that, your ISP other than acknowledging that an encrypted data is traveling to a server, it cannot see what websites you visit or activity of anything you do while connected to the VPN.

It cannot figure out where your traffic is traveling to or from nor decipher the contents of your internet traffic.

This can be a great solution to avoid giving your data to the marketers or websites which is why are you are being followed by an ad of a Cofee Machine you just looked up on eBay or Amazon.

Here are a few main notable features of ExpressVPN:

  • All major platforms supported
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Best-in-class encryption
  • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
  • No activity logs
  • 145+ servers, 94 countries
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Kill Switch
  • Split tunneling
  • Zero-knowledge DNS

The thing is that ExpressVPN not only supports torrents but also isn’t forced onto a small number of overloaded servers, which is common on the other services.

That means you can choose from the full set of all the 145+ servers, 94 countries locations.

Overall, ExpressVPN looks like a great choice of VPN for all your torrenting needs which includes watching movies online on Fmovies.

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Finally, I would like to say, stay safe and be aware of the sites you visit and where they redirected you to. Also, keep your device antivirus up-to-date.

It can cause a lot of problems and hassle. Funnily enough, all because simply you want to watch your favorite movies online for free!

Better be safe than sorry. Adios!


Is FMovies down?

The original domain seems to be down. But there are many mirror working URLs.List of FMovies Working URL.

Click to find out.Is FMovies a safe site?

Yes and No. Use a VPN and an ad-blocker to minimize the risk.

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