Afdah Movies is a popular site for free streaming in this digital age where there are tons of movie streaming sites online for free. Among the many websites, Afdah Info is a front runner with millions of visits per month.

Afdah TV Net is a popular streaming website that allows you to watch the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows along with much other local content in HD download.

The site provides vast collection of Movies, TV shows and anime web series with  vast array of categories and genres.

Afdah does claim that the site is just a web scraper that crawls and indexes online movies and does not host or upload any content other than indexing them stating it doesn’t promote piracy directly. Nonetheless, it still is a piracy site and illegal in many countries according to copyright laws.

Note: Afdah Original domain is shut down due to piracy issues. The site has redirect to new domains.

We will list down some of the working Proxies and URLs later in the post. But first here are some things we need to know about Afdah TV first.

Afdah Movies

Is Afdah Movies Legal?

As mentioned above, it depends because piracy and copyright law vary in different regions and countries.

However, Afdah Original domain has been shut down for copyright infringement. The site has had to change their domains, moving, for example, to, several times and move from region to region to stay ahead of the law.

So, the technical and simplest answer to the question is ‘not exactly, maybe probably not’.

Is Afdah TV safe?

Again, it depends on what you mean by safe. Safe from Virus and Malware or Safe legally?

Well, for the malware parts, it depends on the site owners. There are many proxies of the original site and some mirror sites show no ads and some raining down on as soon as you visit.

Maybe you can try using an ad-blocker to reduce the ads.

The answer for the second question is obvious.

What should I do if I’ve used Afdah Com?

First of all, if you haven’t noticed anything unusual behavior on your device since you used Afdah, it’s highly unlikely that your device has come to any harm.

However, as a precaution and to keep your mind at ease, we would recommend you do a full scan of your computer for viruses and malware.

There are tons of tools to scan and check your PC, Phone, or Tablet for malware. Do a simple google search for your device and you will find a ton of tools specifically for your device and OS.

Should I use Afdah To?

Well, I can’t answer that for you. You’ll have to choose and decide that for yourself.

However, it seems clear that Afdah breaches several copyright laws in many regions around the world and regularly move their domains when one of them is shut down.

However, If you want and decide to visit, at the very least, try to be vigilant, Use a VPN, an ad-blocker, and try not to click on any of the pop-up link in a window or tab.

There’s really nothing 100% free. So, Like all things on the web, if you’re not subscribing or paying for a tool or service, they usually try to make their money and sell you on the other way. For example, selling your data, adverts, infecting with malware for ransom, etc.

The Original Afdah Movies Domain got Banned

Afdah Original website domain has been banned and shut down which forces the webmaster for the site to shift to a new domain.

Here is the thing, unless there is an official way to connect with the audience, once a domain is changed, tons of Mirror and Proxies site pop-up, on the web, and many webmasters ride on the brand name of the original website for profit.

It’s kinda hard to know which one is the legitimate domain that is shifted from the original site when there are tons of similar proxies with the exact site design, logo, color scheme, etc.

Afdah Proxies and Mirror Sites

Here are some of the few Proxies and Mirror sites that are working at the time of writing this article.

We can’t guarantee that it will work in the future. But we try to update the post regularly for the latest working links, information, and updates.

afdah.meOnlineVery FastOn
afdah.orgOnlineVery FastOn
afdah.liveOnlineVery FastOn
afdah.infoOnlineVery FastOn
afdah.watchOnlineVery FastOn

Is it Dangerous to Download films from Afdah?

Nothing seems to be fully secure when the site you are about to download your content from is a piracy site. Most of the websites like Afdah have tons of pop-up ads that could download any malicious software and viruses like rootkits spyware.

Besides, you can just watch them online. Why bother downloading on your device and impose more risk let alone watching them online is dangerous enough.

If you do need to visit the site, we would recommend watching them online and not download them.

Afdah Alternatives

Here are 3 of the best alternatives to Afdah.


Being one of the most popular online streaming sites in the world comes with a price and copyright watchdogs attract from all sides and much unwanted attention.

Compare to an average online streaming site that is usually filled with ads, amateurish design, FMovies has ads as well but not that intruding and managed to thrive despite how popular it is.


With Series9, you can stream the latest movies and TV shows for free. Apart from the layout which is simple to use, it is widely known for its high streaming speed with fast servers.

All of the movies and TV shows on Series9 are properly laid-out and well categorized, so it makes it easy to find something interesting to watch.


LosMovies has everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the classics and independent movies from around the world.

It features tons of categories and genres to choose from – Action, Comedy, adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, War, Documentary, Horror, Sci-fi, Musical, Romance and western.


Afdah is an excellent free online streaming site that provides tons and endless content to enjoy. However, to further better your online streaming experience and make it more pleasant and enjoyable, we recommend you use ExpressVPN to hide your online activity.

Also use an adblocking software to get rid of any annoying pop-up ads.

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