Godzilla vs Kong is a forthcoming American monster film directed by Adam Wingard.

It will be a sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), it is the fourth film in Legendary’s MonsterVerse. The film is also the 36th film in the Godzilla franchise, the 12th film in the King Kong franchise, and the fourth Godzilla film to be produced entirely by a Hollywood studio.

Here is everything you need to know…

 Godzilla Vs Kong Cast

The cast includes:

  •  Rebecca Hall,
  • Kyle Chandler,
  • Zhang Ziyi,
  • Alexander Skarsgard,
  • Jessica Renwick,
  • Julian Dennison,
  • Millie Bobby Brown.
Godzilla vs Kong

Trailer Updates

Since there is an official release date, that is, in November 2020, the trailer for Godzilla vs Kong should be coming soon. We will keep you posted when it releases.

Release Date

The film was initially planned to release on May 29, 2020, but the year has been pushed back as Fast and Furious nine was scheduled to release around precisely the same time. The film was delayed due to COVID-19, and now it is set to release on November 20, 2020, in 2D, 3D, and IMAX.

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