When you have a collection of old DVDs in your home or office and have important files, pictures, or videos in those dvds, first of all you have to take a backup of them.

The home made DVDs are usually not encrypted with any kind of the DVD copy encryption protection.

By this way it is very easy to backup dvd with the help of right software. In order to do dvd copying, you have to choose the most reliable and popular choice of software which will be helpful for every user.

If you have selected the best choice of dvd backup program, it can help you copy dvd to dvd folder and ISO image files instead of directly copying the dvd to dvd disc.

The following are some of the methods that you can use.

how do i make a backup copy of a dvd

The Three Methods to Backup DVDs

Using DVD Ripper

When you use dvd ripper, most of them are capable to rip all types of dvds using the advanced quality maintaining technology and you can rip dvd containing all movies, subtitles, audio tracks, images, and more on PC.

According to www.dvdvideoconverter.com, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the best-paid software to backup DVDs with the most powerful features.

It is the most suitable choice of software for both commercial and homemade DVDs to rip to MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and any other formats on your PC.

It has the wonderful copy protection feature to rip dvd containing all video & audio tracks along with the subtitle without any quality loss.

This software should be downloaded and installed on your PC and it has the following features such as,

  • Backup with Disney X project DRM and some other advanced encryption methods.
  • Convert dvd discs to any of your preferable formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, MP3, and over 200 different formats for the various profiles.
  • The users can able to rip dvd with all subtitles, audio tracks, and some other details in the wonderful sound and image quality.

Using DVD Copy software

If you use DVD copy software, you can use it completely free of cost to copy your dvd to backup everything on Windows system.

After running such software on your computer, you have to select an option of dvd to video from the multimedia list.

Then, it will ask the source and destination drives. If you have a single drive, you can choose copy to ISO option from the list of disc images.

After that, you should insert the dvd disc and select burn ISO to begin copying dvd.

Copying DVD software – You can make use of the several copying software which will be greatly helpful to copy all kinds of files from DVD to DVD.

If you have found the best type of online DVD copying website, you have to consider whether it has the following special features such as,

  • It should be a great tool to backup dvd all files on any of your Windows PC.
  • There should also be copy to ISO section which allows users to backup dvd to iso files in just a few clicks.
  • It has to offer directly copying of the dvds with the perfect support to work with the iso images and folders on your dvd.

Using DVD Burning Software

There are generally 3 various encryption methods used for dvd protection such as CSS (Content Scrambling System), Region Code, and Disney X-project DRM protection.

With this encryption, copying files from DVD is somewhat challenging to the people.

However, you still can use the burning software to directly duplicate a disc to another DVD.

In this situation, you have to find the best software like Nero Burning ROM to burn everything in the copy protection DVD. This is the exact duplication of the disc.


There are so many numbers of dvd rippers available for free of cost to use on both Mac and Windows platforms.

All of them help users rip & convert DVDs to famous video file formats. DVD rippers will be useful to convert or copy the protected DVDs. So, you have to use specialized software to copy anything from the copy-protected DVDs.

If you are going to the other software platforms, you can have an opportunity of customizing your dvd copy with the audio files, subtitles, and also chapters along with the real time preview dvd copy content.

The dvd burning is another great option for you.

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