Have you ever wondered what is a clipboard, and what are its advantages? A clipboard is one of the integral components of every ecosystem, whether it is your smartphone or laptop. Surprisingly, the clipboard ensures that your CTRL+V and CTRL+X are working appropriately. Recently, Windows 10 Clipboard was launched, and many exciting features were added.

The most amazing feature of Windows 10 Clipboard is ‘Clipboard Manager,’ which allows you to sync the copied content over the connected devices. In other words, this Clipboard Manager will store numerous copied texts, and now that copy-paste job will become easy for you. Surprisingly, even if your system crashes, your copied texts will still be saved, and you can retrieve them.

Nevertheless, Windows 10 Clipboard does have some glitches, like clipboard manager stops working suddenly. Nowadays, you might be receiving errors like ‘’Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed.’’

Today, we’ll mention some solutions to this problem.

Why Does ‘’Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed’’ Error Message Appears On Your Screen?

Apple is always known for its performance and reliability. Undoubtedly Apple products are pretty expensive, but they last longer. Nevertheless, this message is appearing more on Mac instead of Windows. This error message is actually not related to the operating system; it happens because of any third-party application.

If any error occurs because of operating system malfunctioning, troubleshooting automatically starts, and your problem is fixed. Let’s further know the easiest solutions to this error message.

How Can You Fix ‘’Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed’’ On Your Device?

Quick Restart Your System

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, the best approach to solve any problem is to give a quick reboot to your system. As you restart your system, the caches and codes from the applications will get deleted. We hope this quick solution works for you.

Solve The Error Using Activity Monitor

Most probably, the above solution won’t work out for everyone. If, the error message is appearing on your screen, you need to use the activity monitor.

  • Start your activity monitor application by typing in the search bar or go to the application and run this program.
  • As the application will start running, click ‘pboard’ in the search bar located at the top-right corner.
  • Now, double-click the option appearing on your screen, and some memory information will be displayed on your screen. Below that, two options will appear ‘Sample’ and ‘Quit.’
  • Choose the ‘Quit’ option, and the pboard process will conclude. Shut down your Activity monitor and try using the applications which were showing errors.

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Use The Terminal For Resolving Clipboard Issue

The ‘Terminal’ is only available on Mac, and most users might be knowing about this application. If the previous method didn’t work for you, then this is the best alternative. Here, you’ll stop the clipboard activity and resolve the problem.

  • Use the Spotlight and use the terminal application.
  • Type ‘’kilall pboard’’ in the terminal and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Exit the terminal and give a quick reboot to your system.

Check The Available Updates

Sometimes the corrupted caches and broken codes are the reason behind the ‘’Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed’’ error message. In our opinion, you should always check for updates once a week; otherwise, your system performance will get degraded.

Go to the settings, look for the ‘About The Mac’ or ‘Check For Updates’ option, and search for the latest updates. Ensure you’re considering both mandatory and additional software updates for your system.

Final Wrap-Up

Finally, after using the methods above, you never receive this ‘’Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed’’ error message. You can easily carry out your daily copy and paste jobs without seeking any professional help. If using all the methods above, the problem persists, Factory Data Reset is the only solution.

Please tell us know in the below comment box whether our methods worked for you or not!

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