Do you ever come across a PDF document which is not allowing you to print, edit, or copy?

Have you ever asked to enter the permission password for removing security from PDF files? Or want to know how to unlock a PDF file without knowing the password?

If all such queries are familiar to you? Then, you are at the right place to get the answer.

Basically, there are many people who find some security issues with PDF files on Adobe Acrobat Pro.

However, when they try to remove PDF restrictions like a copy, edit, comment, sign, print, etc, Acrobat asks for the permission password.

But, what if when the password is unknown.

Therefore, in such cases, it becomes necessary to have some alternative solution.

In this write-up, we have described one such alternative.

So, go through it & know how to unlock protected PDF without password. But, before that know some cases when people want to unlock PDF files.

When Users Demand to Unlock Secured PDF File Without Password

Case1: I got stuck when I tried to edit a PDF documentation of the software using Adobe Acrobat Pro application.

When I clicked the Edit button it generates the pop-message i.e. “This is a Secured Document. Editing is not permitted”. After that, it asks me to enter the permission password.

But, I don’t remember such passwords. Can anyone tell me how to unlock a pdf file without knowing the password?

Case 2: I am having some invoices in a PDF files format. But, due to a watermark, I find some readability issues. It becomes very difficult for me to read the invoice data properly.

However, when I tried to remove watermark using Adobe Acrobat Pro it generates the error message i.e. “You don’t have sufficient permissions to perform this task”.

Can anyone tell me how to unlock secured pdf file without password for removing watermarks?

Best Solution to Unlock a PDF File Without Knowing the Password

Using SysTools PDF Unlocker Software you can safely remove restrictions like a copy, edit, print, sign, comment, etc.

The demo version of this software is available at free of cost. It a completely safe solution to unlock protected PDF without password.

Permission password can be easily cracked by the tool to avail PDF file permissions.

Once, you unlocked the file it can be saved at any desired location directly from the software panel.

The tool supports to remove security from PDF files having 128 /256-bit encryption.

Also, it supports to remove document open password from PDF documents. But, in the beginning, you will be asked to enter the password.

Once, it is applied an unlocked PDF file is created which is free from the password as well as restrictions.

Another advantageous feature offered by the software is that it is available for both windows as well as for Mac Operating systems.

Step to Remove PDF Permission Password & Restrictions

To know how to unlock a pdf file without knowing the password (i.e. permission) follow these simple steps:

  • Download & Run SysTools PDF Unlocker on your system
  • After that, click the Unlock button
  • Browse the PDF file you wish to unlock
  • View restrictions associated with the PDF
  • Click on the Browse button to choose the destination location
  • Hit the Unlock PDF button to start the process
  • By following these steps the user has successfully unlock secured PDF file without password.


Adobe PDF files allow users to place certain security restrictions which could prevent others from printing, editing, copying without prior access.

In spite of this advantage, it can often prove to be a disadvantage as well. Due to restrictions users are not allowed to perform a certain task on the PDF document.

So, it becomes very necessary to remove security from PDF files.

However, Adobe Acrobat can be used for this purpose but, it gets fail if the permission password is unknown to a user.

Therefore, in this write-up, we have provided a one-stop solution i.e. PDF Unlocker.

With this program, users can easily know how to unlock a pdf file without knowing the password.

After removing these restrictions users can easily perform any action on the PDF files.

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