How to See Chegg Answers for Free? Being a student in college means you have to face tons of semester exams, do the activities, assignments, and recurring daily homework.

It’s can be overwhelming can quite normal if it’s giving you headache.

However, In today’s digital world, students can find solution to their homework, assignments, test via the many education portal available online.

There are certain websites in this case more so specifically Chegg which can help you with it and even go one step forward and also provide Pre-written answers to your assignments and academic questions either partially or completely.

How to See Chegg Answers for Free

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an American education technology company which provides online tutoring, homework help, internships and even scholarships for its users.

The platform also specializes in providing the students with physical, digital textbook rentals and buy used books for a low price.

It helps students with a variety of school and University questions for their academic success and the answers. However, note that the platform is subscription based meaning you have to pay for the answers to your questions to see the answers.

Just a quick reminder that, you can’t blindly rely on Chegg alone for all your education-related queries. For one, the platform is public with around three million subscribers from all over the world meaning you are not the only one viewing the answers.

So, if you copy paste the exact answers, you might have trouble with plagiarism with other students who use the Chegg answers.

Nonetheless, Chegg can greatly help you with it’s tons of available study material and answers you need.

How does Chegg work?

As mentioned before Chegg is a dedicated platform for online education, but it also kinda works as a freelancing website too with thousands of online tutors available who work remotely for Chegg and are paid for answering your questions.

It really doesn’t matter what course or subjects you study, if you have any query, simply pose your inquiry on the site and find the answers online from Chegg’s remote specialist . Once you have found the answers, you can copy them on your note pad.

Post your question and the online mentors available will assist you with your query instantly.

This way, Chegg lifts a bit of the students academic weight and makes the students work even a bit simpler. But since the site is a paid service, not all can by afford to buy its subscription.

So, how do you get Chegg answers for free online.

How to See Chegg Answers for Free

Below are a few of the working methods to help you with getting free Chegg answers to your problems and you can choose from anyone of the following that suits your needs.

Getting Free Chegg Answers Trial

Similar to many service platforms in general, Chegg indeed does give out free trial. Chegg offers free 4-week trial (28 days free trial but with limited yet helpful access to its various documents, answers and to its mentors) to check out their services and see if you are willing to continue paying for it. Use the free trial and take advantage of it to find all your answers for free of cost.

The Chegg free trial will gives you access to their online library and Chegg solutions.

You can even use the free trial to buy a book, too but mind you that the book renting/buying is not a package combined with your trail. So, if you need to rent or buy a book, you will need to pay for it in extra.

However, you can read the books online, search for your answers from its huge Q/A library. If you can’t find your answer in the Q&A library, you can always get help from the online tutors and subject experts.

After the trial expires, you can either continue paying for it. But since you are only looking to get Chegg answers for free, i am safe to assume that you don’t wanna pay for it.

So, you can cancel the subscription before your trial ends. Since, in the trial period, you have given your Credit card info, Chegg has your credit card information and if you do not cancel the subscription, they will automatically charge your Chegg subscription fee at the end of your trial.

Here’s how you can subscribe for Chegg

  • Head to Chegg Study Page.
  • Click on the Try Chegg Study button.
  • Next, create a new account via your email id and password.
  • From the two different plans available, select the $19.95
  • On the next page, complete the payment process via your Credit Card or Debit Card and try it for one month.

At the end of the Trail period, you can always Cancel it for FREE.

Search the Web For Your Question

Google and other Search engine of the likes of Bing, has countless amounts of web pages indexed and You can always do a quick Web search for your questions and see if there’s any solutions to your questions.

From forum sites, to specific sub-reddit, Quora, web-pages, a quick web search will uncover them and bring them right at your fingertips.

This method is very simple yet effective and maybe you will easily get your questions answered.

Use Similar Sites to Get Chegg Answers for Free

You can also use the many other similar website to Chegg listed below to get your answers which are completely free & easy to use.

We have handpicked a few of them to get your answers for your questions for completely free. Use the below sites to avoid getting stuck in your homework or assignments.

You can get your answers for pretty all subjects – Ranging from Language, History, Science, Business, Social Science, Maths, Engineering & Technology to Arts & Humanities and many others.

Most of the below sites are good alternatives to Chegg, and even better in some regard.


Use Slader to get your chegg answers for free.

  • Head to the slader website
  • Slader Chegg Answers Free
  • Use the search bar and type in your question
  • It will show you all the related answers to that question.

Note: It isn’t just limited to questions, you can also search for any book for free.

Study Lib

StudyLib is another huge online study library, where you can find tons of solved answers as well as books if you’re looking for that. Textsheet for that matter.

  • Open the Studylib website.
  • Use the search bar and type in your desired question
  • You will get your answers in a matter of seconds.

LitAnswers Free

  • Head to the LitAnswers website
  • Then locate the search section which is in the middle of the page. It’s hard to miss.
  • Copy the question from the Chegg Q & A section and paste it on the litanswers search bar.
  • Tap on the submit button for the correct answer to be shown instantly.
  • Select the answer. (Site Down right now!) even if the name is similar, it works differently. You can use the site to view Chegg answers for free!

Simply copy the Chegg question link and paste it in the website, and tap on the search button. You will see the answers within a few seconds.


This site works very much similar to Chegg. It does offers various tiers of writers that can write your essays with different prices for each tier.

Simply select the best tier one for you.


CourseHero is similar to Chegg but different than your standard tutoring sites. The site base their services mostly in a Q&A format, which is convenient for students and available to every tutor that wants to test their knowledge.


Sparknotes is merely a reference site to find articles and reference to add the finishing touch to your essay or research. The site is totally free to use.

I know the site isn’t exactly Chegg type, but it can help you in someway. Besides it’s free, so duh!


CourseEagle is another webstes that offer solutions to your questions for absolutely free of charge.Type and search your question on CourseEagle and select the most relevant answer to your question, and you can download it on your device in a PDF format.

Conclusion: Chegg Answers Free

We hope this article is useful and help you access Chegg answers for free. We recommend using the Chegg trial method, but if you are going to be a regular users, a subscription will do you much better. If you have any trouble, you can always contact us or leave your comments below.

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