Is Amarktflow Legit? Have you ever received one of those advertisements that promise you with a tempting prize ( iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy)?

It is a fake ad or usually a survey scam that tries to obtain users’ personal information and data. is one of those scam site that targets people to steals their personal info, and pulls them to participate in quiz whereafter you have to enter your contact information and then prompt you to pay $5-20$ for service and shipping fees.

In this article we will be discussing what Amarktflow is, how it functions and help users remove malware from their devices and block the redirect on a specific site.

Is Amarktflow Legit

What is Amarktflow?

Amarktflow is a scam which offers rewards and lures people into giving their sensitive information promising to win free iPhone X, Amazon Gift card, Walmart Gift card, Chipotle Gift card, etc of they answer several questions and solve the puzzle.

It redirects your browser to a webpage offering a chance to win exciting prizes. Of course, it is a scam.

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Make sure you avoid falling for these scams because they look pretty convincing and any novice who have no knowledge about these of scams will fall for it easily on the hopes of getting a brand new iPhone, or whatever the prize they offer.

How Amarktflow Amazon Survey Work?

The Amarktflow webpage will offer you with free chances to win exciting prizes if you participate in the survey. As mentioned before, these prizes and they way they set up, the sales copy are so tempting.

It will congratulate you that you have won an iPhone or $1000 Amazon Gift Card and ask you to participate in the little quiz to get the prize.

After participating in the survey, you will ask you to enter your personal information like name, address contact number, etc. It will then prompt you to pay $5 for their service that is not required whatsoever.

The whole is a relatively dangerous site. Never ever enter your credit card information or any details into any site for that matter or better yet, avoid the site all together.

It is designed to scam people and is quite similar to the National Consumer Center scam.

Is Amarktflow Legit or a Scam?

It is 100% a Scam and should be avoided at all cost. Amazon doesn’t promise gift cards for participating in a survey. Even if they do plan to, they will usually work with a reliable partner or on their own website and their Amazon App.

Below are a few of the Indicators of Amarktflow Scam

  • $1000 Amazon Gift Card is reserved for you!
  • Receive Your AMAZON Gift Card for $1000!
  • You won $1000 Amazon Gift Card!
  • You won $100 Visa Gift Card!
  • Cash & Reward for a few questions!
  • Win a $1000 Amazon gift card!
  • Congratulations! You’ve been selected for a chance to get the $1000 Amazon Gift Card, Apple iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S9!

How to Remove Amarktflow from Windows systems

Follow the below steps to get rid of Amarktflow scam from your PC:

  • Enter Control Panel into Windows search box and hit Enter
  • Under Programs, click on Uninstall a program.
  • From the list, find entries that is related to Amarktflow (or any other suspicious program eg.appwiz.cpl).
  • Once located, Right-click on the application and tap Uninstall.
  • If the User Account Control shows up, select Yes.
  • Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

Remove Amarktflow from Google Chrome

Delete all the malicious extensions from Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the browser Menu < More tools < Extensions.
  • You will see all the installed Chrome extensions.
  • Remove and Uninstall any suspicious extensions that might be somehow related to Amarktflow

Clear Browser cache

  • Browser Menu < Settings.
  • Privacy and security < Clear browsing data.
  • Browsing history, Cookies, and other site data, as well as Cached images and files.
  • Select Clear data. Clear cache

Reset Chrome

  • Go to your website Menu < Settings < Advanced.
  • Locate Reset and clean up section.
  • Select Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Confirm with Reset settings to complete the removal of Amarktflow malware from your Browser.

Use Anti-Virus Application to remove redirect

Perform a check if your device actually have a virus—and whether it is dangerous or not.

  • Download, install, and run the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.
  • Update to the latest version for your antivirus software installed on your PC
  • Run a full and complete virus scan on your entire device.

Windows 10 also has a Windows Defender which by default scan your PC for malware with the integrated Windows Security application.

On Windows 10, open your Start menu, enter “Security,” and select on “Windows Security” shortcut to open it. Go to Settings < Update & Security < Windows Security < Open Windows Security.

You can also perform manual scan of your computer.

Dangers of

It’s quite possible that your device may get infected with malware and hence recommended to scan it with an anti-malware scanner, but at the same time, it iis also quite possible that your computer is totally clean.

Loading alone may not put you in danger of downloading malware on your device or spy on you. The real issue happens when you provides your sensitive information to these scammers.

If you are charged from your bank and credit card which you didn’t authorized or aware of, make sure to contact your bank and tell them about what happened.

How can I prevent it from getting malware onto my device?

  • Be vigilant. Don’t visit any site that is deemed unsafe.
  • Don’t click on suspicious pop-ups or pop-up adverts in general that offer gifts or claims that your system is out of date or needs to be updated.
  • Don’t download software and programs from untrustworthy sites.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links in social media posts.

Conclusion: is a scam that claims free rewards campaigns promising free gifts – free iPhone 11, Amazon Gift cards, $1000 Walmart gift card, etc

What i would like to say is, avoid these kinds sites at all cost.

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