Nowadays, internet security has become an essential issue in our life. In order to secure the virtual activity, we should be using a shield properly. To protect your internet, VPN could be a good option and if it is Psiphon, then you can do more things along with securing your internet activity.

For example, Psiphon allows you to hide your device’s IP address by replacing it with a fake one. As a result, you can browse the internet anonymously, so no one will be able to trace you. Besides, it lets you visit the websites that are restricted in your region through its fake IP.

Although the free version of the Psiphon won’t cost you any penny, to unblock its advanced features including an ad-blocker, you have to purchase any subscription plans. And this purchase will definitely be worth it, because of its excellent services.

History of Psiphon

History of Psiphon

Psiphon was launched by Citizen Lab and the University of Toronto in December 2006 as an open-source software. After its release, it has gained huge popularity among internet users. As a result, in 2007, the independent Canadian, Psiphon, Inc was established.

So far Psiphon has been awarded various awards as a major contributor to overcoming Internet censorship. Besides, it received a couple of grants from the European Parliament and the US State Department.

What Makes Psiphon VPN Different from Others?

Using Psiphon for Mac or Windows could be one of the best ways to shield your internet activity as it contains lots of outstanding features. Below we have pointed out some of the major features that will fascinate you.

  • Psiphon VPN offers lots of proxy servers in 17 different countries all over the globe. With these fastest and most stable proxy servers, you can browse the internet smoothly.
  • Replacing your device’s IP address with a fake one is an excellent aspect of the Psiphon VPN. Through this fake IP, you can browse the internet anonymously.
  • This VPN also enables you to gain access to restricted websites that are not accessible in your region. This way you can also stream your favorite content from Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max.
  • Psiphon VPN uses military grade encryption to protect your virtual information. This kind of encryption prevents data hacks from scammers, government, and snoopers.
  • Blocking malware or phishing websites is another essential feature of the Psiphon. This feature prevents you from accessing websites that contain malware or infected pages.

How Does Psiphon VPN Work?

How Does Psiphon VPN Work

Through this VPN all your internet traffic will be routed to a secure encrypted tunnel. Due to encryption, your data service provider will no longer be able to snap your data traffic. Besides, when you connect with regional proxy servers outside of your country through this VPN, the server acts as your proxy for internet transactions.

In this transmission uncensored content is sent to the proxy server and then securely forwarded to you. Moreover, if any proxy drops or becomes unavailable, then you will automatically be connected with another. That means you will face IP changes while using the Psiphon VPN.

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How Secure Is Psiphon VPN

Psiphon VPN uses L2TP/IPsec protocol to their proxy servers to secure your virtual privacy. Although this protocol is slower than OpenVPN, it is known as the most secure protocol among VPN users as this VPN is integrated with AES 256-bit encryption.

In addition, Psiphon employs several technical tricks like HTTPS, SSH+, proxy servers rather than one specific design to secure communication between a client and a server. This proxy configuration employs encryption to assure that cyber attackers cannot interpret the traffic.

Does Psiphon VPN Keep Logs?

Psiphon doesn’t require any registration or log-in to use this VPN. So you don’t have to provide your personal information to create an account. Besides, the servers of the Psiphon VPN don’t keep the user’s IP address, username, password, or email address.  According to Psiphon VPN’s official website, the event logs of the Psiphon include the following items and are shared with commercial partners:

  • Non-identifying attributes
  • Client Version
  • Protocol type
  • Region codes of city and country

Price and Plans of the Psiphon VPN

Psiphon VPN pricing is very affordable, where you will be offered several subscription plans. As of the time of writing this article, the starting plan of this VPN is weekly which is $2.99.  Also, its monthly and annual subscription plans are priced at $9.99 and $71.99.

All of these subscription plans have 30 days money back guarantee. So you can see Psiphon is quite affordable compared to other VPN services. In addition, this VPN supports several payment options including Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Qiwi, and Visa.

Is it Worth to Buy Psiphon VPN

Is it Worth to Buy Psiphon VPN

After knowing the features and price plan of Psiphon VPN, we can definitely state that this VPN is worth buying. If price is not a major concern, you won’t find a better VPN such as Psiphon. This VPN performs well in all single points including speed, security, unblocking region-locked websites, evading censorship, and customer support.


Having a VPN is a very easy way to secure your online credentials. And if it is Psiphon then you will be able to do more things along with securing your data traffic. As this VPN masks your IP address, you can surf the internet without exposing your real identity. Besides, it allows you to access restricted websites or apps that are not accessible for normal users.

In addition, the price of this VPN is comparatively much lower if we compare it with the large collection function of the Psiphon. So, purchasing this VPN is clearly worth it because of its many advantages. Through this VPN, you can enjoy the freedom of internet access as well as enjoy a more unfettered internet.

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