Actually, the full form of KIIT is “Kalinga institute of industrial technology”. It is one of the best leading educational institutes all over the world. The people who are studied in this institute are leading a great life without any doubt. The important course which is available in this college is “Industrial enterprise administration and coaching”.

The teaching staff of the college is also high graded in their streams who are capable of teaching without any mistake. The founder of this institute not only worked as a teaching staff but also worked as one of the members of parliament in “Rajya Shaba” in the year 2019. He represents the” Kandhamal constituency” in parliament Shaba.


This institution was established in the year 1993. It is situated at Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India. At the starting stage of this institute, it is used only for the purpose of vocational coaching with least no of staff and students i.e. with two lecturers and 12 students. Later on, it has became the major teaching body for most of the knowledge seekers. When the new stream of diploma engineering is came into the path of study this institution had set the records of that stream at a high level which is basically unbeatable.

The founder of this great institute was “Achyuta Samanta”. Because of him, we are able to see that college at present. With fewer amounts of funds from 5000 rupees, he started to run that institution. But now it is the best educating institution in all kinds of courses. After completing his course of a degree in the track of chemistry in the year 1987 at “Utkal College” in their locality he began to live on his own. At the age of 22, he started his carrier as an architect who launched the social improvement mission in between 1992 to 1993.

How to login in KIIT SAP portal?

Whenever we are doing some kind of official work in internet web browsers then you must login into your account for safety purposes. In the same way, most of the people don’t know how to login in to the KIIT SAP portal. For all that kind of people, the following information will help them a lot. The steps involved in the login process are,

Step 1: Firstly visit the official website of the KIIT Institutions.

Step 2: Then on the home page click on the SAP login option.

Step 3: After that, a new page will appear on the screen where you have to enter the required details.

Step 4: Next enter your user ID and password in their respective places.

Step 5: In the place of the user name you can also enter the registered email Id of the person.

Step 6: After checking all the details once again click on the “login button”.

Step 7: Then your official home page will appear on the screen.

Like this, you easily login into your account in the KIIT SAP portal. After clicking on the login option you are directed to your account without any further steps. Only the above simple steps are involved in the login process.

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Login problems:

Sometimes due to portal issues or invalid details of the person, you will face so many problems while you are logging into your account. At that time you can easily click on the “Get support” option which is just below the login option in the login portal of KIIT SAP.

Otherwise, you can easily contact the helpline administrator of that portal, there they will verify your details and make the problem to be solved in very less time or you can also visit the administrative office of that college to solve the problem directly. By using any one of the methods you can easily solve your login problems within seconds.

Requirements that need to be maintained while logging into your account in the KIIT SAP portal:

  1. The person who is logging into their account they must have a valid user Id and password.
  2. They must login into a single account only and they should not login into multiple accounts at a time.
  3. He must be a student or staff of the KIIT institutions.
  4. They must maintain their account in a highly secure manner.
  5. The person who is going to login into their account, they must click on logout button after finishing the work.

Information that is available in the KIIT SAP login:

Basically, this portal is an information guide of the person who belongs to KIIT institutions. It is applicable for both teachers and students. In the case of students, there they will get complete information about them in an academic year. This includes fees and due amounts, results of his their exams, admit cards of the upcoming exams of their semester, Attendance of the student (Both No of days present and absent also), fee payment dates etc,. All this kind of information is available for each and every student who is studying in their institute.

For the people who belong to staff either teaching field or working field, For them, the information regarding their works is available in this portal. Like allotting their time table for each class and also they can see how many days they have been working in that institute. Even some of the high grade officials like lecturers can able to apply for leave through their login, that kind of facilities are also available.


As the people who studying in this type of institutes are not able to carry all their reports to their home for the purpose of showing report to their parents. At that time in this KIIT SAP login, they can able to know complete information about their children in that academic year. In a single word, we can describe this portal login as a “Complete monitoring system” where the parents of each and every student can know the performance of their child. By using all the above information an individual can make every work can be done in an easy and simple manner.

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