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These days, entertainment can be accessed via the comfort of your own home.

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A number of streaming sites have sprung up and really taken over the years such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

But not everybody wanna pay or bend their wallet to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows.

That is where LosMovies comes in. It is quite similar to many of the other free streaming services such as Fmovies, Yesmovies, Putlocker, etc.

What is LosMovies?

LosMovies is a service providing free movie and TV Series streaming website which allows users to watch the content it offers on the site for absolutely free.

It is actually one of the most famous and popular sites in this niche in its heyday and in par with FMovies or 123movies.

Unfortunately, the original Los movies website has been down as it was shut down by the government in 2018 for obvious reasons which we will discuss later on in the blog.

However, luckily for you, we do have a list of the working Losmovies Mirror and Proxies sites.

LosMovies APK/ App

There are many sites offering the Losmovies APK file but they do not work.

Again, luckily for you, we have the perfect alternative for the Los movies app which has all the features of the original site.

ShowBox – Best LosMovies App Alternative

Showbox is the perfect and to be honest, the best alternative out there right now in the market if you are looking for a free movie streaming site/app.

  • Watch the latest and popular movies and TV Shows
  • Watch movies with English subtitles or subtitles in general, without subtitles or with subtitles. It’s up to you.
  • Lightweight and very low buffering
  • Download the movies and shows on your device
  • Very user-friendly interface, ease of use and navigation
  • News tab with the latest info regarding the latest release and updates on upcoming movies and shows.
  • Multiple servers in case if one is down or not working.

Los Movies Features

If you prefer the app version, you can download the ShowBox app from the download link above. Below are some of the most notable features of LosMovies that are worth noting down.

Full HD movies and TV shows

With Los movies, you can watch your movies and TV Shows in full HD. The site doesn’t let you compromise quality over being free.

It has multiple viewing quality – 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p (HD).

You can choose from any of the above qualities depending on your wifi or internet connection speed.

To change the quality, head over to your media player and at the bottom of it, click on the settings icon and click on the option to change the video quality.

Quick note: On the thumbnail of the movie, you will find the quality of those movies whether it be HD or any other. This can help you sort out especially if the quality is your prime concern.

Latest Updates

No need to wait for a week or months to watch the latest episode of your favorite show after release.

I personally know the scared feeling of trying to avoid spoilers.

Most of the time, Los movies update with the latest released TV episodes and movies as soon as they can.

CAM Rips

As mentioned above, they try to update ASAP on the newly released content.

Well, for most of the time, more specifically on movies released on theatres, they are usually in the form of CAM Rips.

If you don’t already know what that is, CAM Rips basically is the recording of movies when screened on a theatre via a camcorder or any other recording tool.

If you can’t wait for the HD version to come up, this can be greatly helpful.

HomePage/ Categories

The Losmovies homepage is not cluttered as much as it’s counterparts such as FMovies.

It features all the latest and most popular shows and movies released on their homepage.

On the header, it has the option to search your content based on Alphabetical order from A-Z, ratings, Sate added, released date and featured.

LosMovies has multiple genres to pick from. To name a few of them such as – Action, Musical, Mystery, Reality-TV, Korean, Romance, Scifi, Short Movies, Sport, Thriller, War, Talk Show, Zombie, Music, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime and many other more.

LosMovies Working Proxies and Mirror Links

S. No.LosMovies Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1losmovie.cxOnlineVery Fast
25movies.tvOnlineVery Fast
3showboxapk.netOnlineVery Fast
4losmovies comOnlineVery Fast
5losmovies.funOnlineVery Fast
6losmovies.ccOnlineVery Fast
7losmovies.cxOnlineVery Fast
8losmovie.imOnlineVery Fast
9losmovie.usOnlineVery Fast
10losmovies.mobiOnlineVery Fast

Is LosMovies Legal and Safe?

LosMovies is definitely not legal at all and legal action can be prosecuted. It’s the reason why it was taken down in the first place.

Copyright and Piracy laws make it illegal and to operate free streaming sites like Los movies, Fmovies, and Putlockers.

But the more the concerned authorities try to close down, many of its mirrors and proxies sprung up.

Now back to Safety. There are 2 ways to view the safety of accessing the sites.

  • In terms of legality, it is not safe.
  • Safety in terms of malware and virus, well it depends!

The original Losmovies website doesn’t have many annoying pop-up ads but for the tens of its proxies, they are usually operated by individuals who wanna ride the brand name and get free traffic to make money.

So, they usually add pop-up ads which can maybe or may not affect your device.

I mean, it’s understandable, that they provide free service and they also have to make money to afford to pay for the server fees.

How to Watch LosMovies Online Safely?

The best way to hide your activity from prying eyes is to use a VPN.

  • VPN basically masks your real IP address.
  • It hides your online activity.
  • Block Ads (ExpressVPN provides ad-blocking, can’t speak for others)

ExpressVPN Features

  • All major devices and platforms supported.
  • Unlimited server switches and bandwidth.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Best-in-class encryption.
  • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP.
  • No activity logs.
  • 145+ servers and 94 countries.

Top 5 LosMovies Alternatives

Here are our handpicked alternatives to LosMovies.


los movies

Putlocker is an online streaming site and has been around for a while now and the site is pretty much similar to Losmovies as will the remaining alternatives on the list.

It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies without paying any penny. It is one of the best in terms of its quality too with a full HD along with other qualities. The site also gets updated constantly and features the latest popular and newly released tens to hundreds and thousands of movies with new content.

The movie catalog is huge that in order to ease sorting and finding the movies can be done via ratings, released date or year and genres such as south Asian, Action, Comedy, War, Adventure, Funny, Animated, Horror, and Family, etc.

Putlocker also has it’s own advanced search bar and you can type in the name of the content you are looking and it can be sort advanced by the name, tag or genre. There is no need for further login as you can access the site with no registration or sign up.

Its user-interface is quite brilliant and easy to navigate around with all the latest and trending tab right on the homepage which can suggest and actually save your lot of time to find the right movie to watch.



FMovies is a name that is quite familiar to many of us especially to movie fanatics who love to watch movies online free. It is honestly one of the best and the OGs in the movie streaming niche which shaped the ways for many others.

It allows you to stream your favorite content for free and even download on your device for free in HD quality for offline watch. FMovies allows its visitors to download not only movies but also episodes of any series or TV shows for absolutely free.

What’s even cooler is that there is no need to even sign up or log in to the site to view the content. This is actually good as you can browse without giving up any personal data such as your email address or name.

One of the best features of FMovies is that most of the content they offer is in HD quality. So for all, you who paid much emphasis on that can get the benefit of it. Another feature of the site is that there are not may annoying pop-up ads and in-video ads. However, with the proxies and mirror sites, I can’t say the same and does not hold any guarantee.

If you are planning to watch any content that you do not understand, usually most of the time, you have trouble with that because the website doesn’t have subtitle features. But not to worry as FMovies has a subtitle features which provide the subtitles to its users as well.

FMovies is not exactly legal but also the rules differ from country to country as the site claims to not host content or store any movies or any related files on their servers as their content available on their websites is provided by the non-affiliated third parties.

Similar to LosMovies, the shows and movies can be sorted by categories on the action, adventure, thriller, top movies according to ratings based on IMDB ranking and much more. This makes it easier to finding movies.

They even have a movie request features. For example, if you can’t find the movie or show you are looking for on their site, you can basically contact them and request them for your particular online films as well, and they will try to manage it for you.



BobMovies is a free streaming site and app similar to Showbox and LosMovies that offers you to watch free movies and TV Shows. It is meticulously designed if you wanna enjoy the free content on a low internet connection.

About the user interface, BobMovies has an amazing user- interface which allows users to easily navigate around to find the latest or classics movies without any trouble.

The best thing about this site is its huge huge amount of movies and TV series available.

As usual, you can The site features thousands of movies that consist of multiple categories, such as Action, War, Comedy, etc. Each of its genres is updated regularly with new content. BobMovies is not only free but doesn’t ask for any of your personal details and information or registration.

All you gotta do is visit the site, search for your movie you wanna watch and click on play to start streaming.

Similar to LosMovies, BobMovies also has advanced options to sort and find your favorite movie names such as explore its categories, use its advanced search box, sort movies by release date and ratings.


losmovies YesMovies

Yesmovies is another familiar name on the list for enjoying your latest movies and shows. It is indeed one of the top sites which have to build a name and a reputation over the years competing with big sites like FMovies, 123Movies, etc.

It showcases all the latest released movies and other content on their homepage which is a plus on its own with the huge catalog and database of movies and TV Shows available for you to stream and enjoy.

In case you movie fanatic and you wanna watch the latest movies ASAP, Yesmovies is your best bet as they are usually regular and fast to update them. It also doesn’t let you compromise on the quality over free to watch the latest movies.

Looking for either the latest movies or back to the classics, Yesmovies will not disappoint you as it has one of the biggest databases of movie content.

Also, back to the ads, there seem to be fewer ads compare to FMovies but it can change as it is fully upon the hands of the webmasters. But for now fewer ads, free streaming in HD Quality, huge database, there’s not much to criticize. It’s one of the best good places for enjoying your favorite movies and trending TV shows.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Finally on our list is an app that is quite similar to ShowBox.

Popcorn Time allows you to not only stream the content for free but also allows you to download on your device for free the HD movies and TV shows.

Popcorn Time Online acts as a middle man but also is integrated with in-app media players. So, it’s quite similar to Netflix in terms of its features and layout.

The only difference is that this one is Free and you have to pay in order to use Netflix.

Popcorn time interface is a super user-friendly, very intuitive and elegant layout.

Conclusion: LosMovies

Well, there you have it. Pretty much everything you need to know about Los Movies along with its alternatives. If you are someone who focuses greatly on quality, user interface and speed of the site, LosMovies is definitely a goldmine as it checks all the boxes.

Disclaimer: We do not condone Piracy. This guide is to be meant only for educational purposes alone and we are not to be held responsible for any action taken after reading the article.

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