Lucifer Season 5 – Being a Lucifer fan has always felt sort of a rollercoaster ride. After airing on Fox for 3 seasons, the series was canceled, but that wasn’t the top of the devilishly charming show. Instead, it had been picked up by Netflix for a fourth and fifth season.

Netflix announced last year that they will be renewing Lucifer Season 5 for the last season, but it seems that there are already inklings of a possible sixth season even before Season 5’s release.

Lucifer is returning for part one among its two-part fifth season in August 2020. Here’s the latest scoop on what we all know about season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix, including what we can expect from the story, the episode titles, and confirmation that season six of Lucifer may be a go too.

Lucifer Season 5

The early seasons of Lucifer were added to Netflix at the start of 2019 and although all of the previous seasons aren’t available on Netflix everywhere, season four premiered exclusively on Netflix round the world on May 8th, 2019.

There’s tons to hide for Lucifer season 5, so we’ll begin with the primary full trailer for the upcoming season.

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

The first season of the show air in 2016 and received quite a bit of mixed reviews. But it had been soon renewed for an additional season which came in late 2016.

The show has till this date released four of its total seasons. The fourth one has been the foremost hit season of all of them. It came in May 2019 and later in June, Netflix announced the making of the fifth season.

It’ll be the ultimate season of the series and can have a complete of sixteen episodes. These episodes are going to be released in two batches of eight episodes each.

The official release date for Season 5A of Lucifer on Netflix globally is set om August 21st, 2020.

Lucifer Season 5 Cast

The main protagonist which is Tom Ellis, aka Lucifer MorningStar, will 100% reprised his role back for the series. The next main character of Detective Chloe reprise by Lauren German are going to be back along side

We can also see Detective Dan Espinoza [by Kevin Alejandro]. Other cast include Amenadiel [played by DB Woodside] and Aimee Garcia [played by Rachael Harris].

There will be an addition of the many new characters too. a number of them include:

  • Donovan Glover [played by Matthew Bohrer]
  • Detective Dancer [ by Brianne Davis]
  • Mandy [by Erin Cummings]
  • Destiny Page [by Chaley Rose]

Plot for Season 5

Lucifer ended Season 4 with the most character returning to his post as King of Hell after several demons escaped and convinced him to return. Lucifer reluctantly went back to his hellish duties, primarily to avoid a prophecy that was said to cause chaos should the devil ever find his true love.

By now within the show, Lucifer Morningstar realized he might be an honest person and had also admitted his romantic feelings for Chloe Decker.

However, fans should expect Season 5 to select up where Season 4 left off. Speaking with TVLine, Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson said they know what Season 5’s opening sequence are going to be and have known since Season 4.

Season 5 is going to have 16 episodes. Originally the next season was renewed for 10 episodes, but in August, according to some reports, it has ordered six more, giving Lucifer fans a super-sized fifth season.

It will be split in two halves. Tom Ellis also announced on The Kelly Clarkson Show that the next Season (i.e 5) is going to be split in two parts, releasing eight episodes each at a time.

We know the titles of several episodes. The Lucifer writers also Twitted and has been releasing clues once in a while so fans can guess the titles of the show’s episodes. because of them, we all know “Really Sad Devil Man” is that the title of the Season 5 premiere.

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