The Monoprice 110010 Hi-Fi Active noise canceling is a decent pair of headphones. They are stylish and offer a solid bass and a mid-range audio reproduction.

Noise cancellation is not the best, but it is perfect for an office environment that offers you a good seal with tiny earcups.

Pros and Cons of Monoprice 110010


  • The efficient and simple button layout
  • Excellent bass and mid-range audio reproduction


  • Small ear cups for a perfect ear design
  • Creaky headband


These are decent-looking headphones with a dark grey color scheme and black accents on the ear cups, padding, and headbands. The oval ear cup back has a glossy finish along with subtle Monoprice branding. The top of the headband is rubberized to offer a more premium look.


Monoprice 110010is moderately comfortable. These headphones are comparatively flexible and do not put too much pressure on the head. The ear cups of the headphone are lightweight and are decently padded. You can swivel them for an optimal fit. You may find the headband not perfectly padded, and due to the small size of the ear cups, they may not fit around the ears of everyone. So, it may cause discomfort when using it for a long and is also not ideal for an over-ear design.


Ease of use – Mediocre

Feedback – Mediocre

OS compatibility – Not OS specific

Call/music control – Yes

Volume control – Yes

Channel mixing – N/A

Microphone control – No

Noise-canceling control – No

Talk – through – No

Additional buttons – No

The functionality of the buttons is above average; however, you will surely get an easy-to-use noise canceling button on the ear cups.


Transmitter required – N/A

Volume – 93.93 in³

L – 7.48”

W – 7.09”

H – 1.77”

Monoprice 110010 are mid-sized over-ear headphones and are moderately portable, for which we should thank ear cups that can swivel and lay flat to occupy less space. But they do not fold up in a compact form, making them a little bulky for some people, and they are also tremendous for the pockets.


Volume – 131.13 in³

Type – Hard case

L – 8.46”

W – 7.87”

H – 1.97”

The headphone comes with a hard case that will protect Monoprice 110010 from scratch, mild water damage, and hard falls. But it also adds a bit of bulkiness to the headphones. So, it would be best if you had a bag to carry them.

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Build quality

The build quality of headphones is just average. A metal frame supports the rubberized headband but strengthens the overall build. But the metal frame is thought, and the headband will creak under stress. Also, the joints of the headband are made of plastic which may break under much pressure. The plastic material used for making ear cups also feels cheap and makes sit of low build quality.


Monoprice 110010 are stable for casual and regular use, but if you wear them while running, they may fall off quickly.


Monoprice 110010 is not ideal for wearing while doing any physical activity, but you can wear it in the office, home, and any other place where you do not have to move much.

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