On My Block Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot: When On my Block Season 3 was first aired, it did become popular instantly and was widely watched on the streaming platforms.

The show has always maintained a good balance between between a teen drama and comedy. As soon as Season 3 was premiered on Netflix in March 2020, the series was loved by the fans and it is already on top.

If you are a On my Block fan, i’am pretty sure you are waiting for the next season 4 to air.

We all miss the friendship, love, heartbreaks, fightings, trust issues, and too much fun in the shows. Learn more about the latest updates on the cast, Plot for season 4, release date, etc

On My Block Season 4 Air Date Cast Plot

On My Block Season 4: Plot

On My Block is a show that together binds the action of the Gang Cultures as well as the teen relationship through the many ups and downs along the way.

The show is quite interesting to watch as the kids try to handle every situation on their own.

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In Season 2 of the show, Cesar and Monse have broken up as Cesar cheated on her with another girl. Thus, Cesar has left him as well as his brother’s gang. At the end of the final season, kidnappers kidnapped the four kids and a black hood type was pulled over their face.

In Season 3, it shows that 4 kids were forced to find little Ricky by Cuchillos. The whole season is about finding Ricky along with some plans to murder the gang leader Cuchillos. There we also witness the arrival of new characters.

There is no leak or info regarding the plot behind Season 4. This will be a real treat if you are a true hardcore fan of the show.

On My Block Season 4: Release Date

The renewal of On My Block isn’t a huge surprise given the show’s popularity and viewership it has.

While there is no official confirmation, it is quite conceivable that On My Block could be returning for another season.

However, with the present Pandemic scenario around the world, it would be hard to give a time frame for the show to be aired. Thus, nothing can be said as of right now about the release date now. But we do expect it to be released if the situation declines.

On My Block season 4 cast

While there’s no confirmation of cast for the episode, we’d expect the following to return for the fourth season: Monse (as Sierra Capri), Cesar (as Diego Tinoco), Ruby (as Jason Genao), Jasmine (as Jessica Marie Garcia), and Spooky (as Julio Macias), Jamal (as Brett Gray).

Well, all the On My Block fans out there! Hopefully, a new season premiered early to help you ease the mysteries and cliff hanger it has left in the last season. Although the producers, actors and the broadcasting members haven’t officially confirmed another season, iam optimistic it will return for another season. Till then stay safe and stay tuned!

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