Queen Sugar, the American drama series based on the book of the same name from 2014 by Natalie Baszile.

Revolving around the complicated lives of three siblings and an 800-acre sugarcane farm, the show is a hit.

Streamed on the Oprah Winfrey Network for the previous four seasons, the show has also won several awards. Moreover, it is also a critically acclaimed show with about 93% approval ratings on rotten tomatoes.

Thus, it comes with no surprise that it was renewed for the fifth season. However, the real question is, when will the show release?

When will Queen Sugar season 5 release?

Right now, we do not have an exact pinpointed date. Although we do have a period when it might be released. Previously it was announced that the fifth season will find its release in the fall of 2020. However, that was announced back when the world was in a normal state. In other words, the pandemic had not hit the world till then.

Though it is also true that the filming for the fifth season had already been wrapped up even before the pandemic. Therefore, it is very much possible that we find ourselves watching Queen Sugar season 5 this fall. However, there’s still a chance that it might face a little delay. As seen in several cases, the post-production work on shows was also disturbed amid coronavirus pandemic.

To narrow down your assumption, I would say that late November or perhaps early December sounds like a good date to have Queen Sugar season 5 on our screens. Then again, we are not confirming anything and it’s just an educated guess.

Queen Sugar Season 5

Do we have a trailer yet?

No, a trailer for the fifth season hasn’t been released yet. Neither has much been told about the plot of the next season. I guess we’ll have to wait for a little longer to know about that.

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