The quarantine has made us all realise that our only two friends are Tv shows and Books. People spent their days lazying away at the corner of their rooms, just wondering how their lives will be after this pandemic is over.

But the TV show makers are not disappointing us, as they are keeping on releasing good stuff for the netizens to keep being addicted to them. Scam 1992 is an upcoming web series that is going to release on Sony Liv.

Stock market enthusiasts who are not aware of this infamous story are in for a treat.

Scam 1992 revolves around the life of Harshad Mehta who was involved in the big stock market scam of Mumbai. The proceedings of the Bombay Stock Exchange( BSE ) led to fraud, and Harshad Meha was behind all of that. The movie is on a book named ‘The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away’ written by Debashish Basu and Sucheta Dalal. You can get your hands on the book and read it if you want to keep yourself updated with the storyline.

Read on to know more about the story, release date cast and other details!

Scam 1992

Release Date: Scam 1992

The trailer of the Web series has already released on 16th of August, and it looks very promising to the viewers. Many critics have reviewed it, and as the Indian web series market is slowly taking a right turn, Scam 1992 might be on the top charts very soon enough.

However, we do not have any official news about the release date as of yet. But going according to the pattern of Sony Liv originals, they usually release their trailers of web series two or three weeks before the release of the show. So we would like to suggest you stay alert, as they might drop the series on the First week of September itself.

The makers of the show have done a commendable job, which is visible from the trailer itself. The cast is impeccable because it features new faces. We are eagerly waiting for them to drop the release date, as people need to know about the infamous Stock market scam that happened in 1992.

Storyline Details: Scam 1992

Every present-day stock market enthusiast has heard about the great doings of Harshad Mehta from their parents or their colleagues. Scam 1992 deals with the biggest stock market scam that India has seen since the beginning of the stock market trade started in India.

Harshad Mehta is a stockbroker, who entered the stock market business with atwinkle in his eye. He single-handedly made it possible to reach a perfect height in the industry and made the Indian stock market an extremely profitable market for the world. But little did anyone know that Mehta was hiding stuff all along his days. He alone made it possible to pull all strings and dupe all Indian banks and thus happened the biggest stock market scam that India had seen. A loss of around 5000 crores got incurred, and Harshad Mehta found to be guilty of everything. The fraud resulted in a considerable loss and made the stock market crash. After that, online transactions paved its way into the market to avoid these problems.

Sony Liv made this attempt to bring to light the most significant fraud that India has ever seen. We are honestly very excited to see how the characters portray their lives in the series in details.

Cast and Characters: Scam 1992

The web series in question, Scam 1992 is directed by none other than National award winner, the maker of movies such as CityLights and Omerta, Hansal Mehta. From the trailer, it is visible that he has done a great job in making the cast very close to real life. The cast members are as follows:

Pratik Gandhi is playing as Harshad Mehta. He is all set to play the bad guy as well the main protagonist of the web series. Pratik Gandhi is a new face who has done exemplary work in Gujarati movies and theatre.

Shreya Dhanwanthary is playing as Sucheta Dalal, The Times of India Journalist. Shreya will play the journalist who exposed Mehta’s face to the world. She is playing the character of Sucheta Dalal, who wrote the book which we have mentioned above.  Shreya was in Amazon Prime Video original The Family Man.

Sharib Hashmi is playing as Whistleblower. Sharib is seen in the teaser when he exposes the notorious crime of Mehta to the journalist. He talks about how he knows about the scam to Shreya. Sharib was in the Amazon Prime Video original The Family Man as Talpade.

The other characters are Shadaab Khan playing as Jay Kedia, Nikhil Dwivedi playing as A.S. Thiyagarajan, K.K. Raina playing as MJ Pherwani. Lalit Parimoo is playing as K.S. Das, Ananth Mahadevan playing as Venkitarajan, Rajat Kapoor playing as Madhavan and Satish Kaushik as Manu Mundra.

Trailer: Scam 1992

Thee is a teaser that got recently released on the 16th of August. It looks extremely promising as the characters have done a marvelous job. Here, go take a look at the teaser for yourself.

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