Siren Season 4 is a thriller genre and is based around a young mermaid, Ryn Fisher who has to go through with the obstacles that hinder her mission of finding her missing sister.

Siren is an American television series. it’s a drama that’s filled with thrill and fantasy and definitely it creates mystery.

This hysterical drama is made by Eric Wald and Dean White. This drama is on Freeform. The series has released three of its season.

Siren Season 4

Siren Season 4 Release Date

‘Siren’ season 3 third season was premiered on April 2, 2020 and concluded its run May 28, 2020, after airing ten hour-long episodes.

‘Siren’ is one among the top-rated shows on Freeform.

However, the third season sees a 13% dip in viewership, as compared to the second season. However, the season managed to stay the audiences hooked to its fascinating twists and thrilling visuals despite the limited budget.

Considering the above factors, we feel that there’s a high chance that the network might renew the show for an additional season. Whenever that happens, ‘Siren’ season 4 is predicted to release sometime in 2021, on Freeform.

Siren Season 4 Plot

In season 3, we saw Ben suffers from the repercussions of letting Ian die to save lots of his friends and loved ones from a dangerous fate.

Ryn knows about Ben’s secret, however, they get distracted by the arrival of a despotic mermaid, Tia, in the Bristol Cove.

Throughout the season, we saw Ryn striving to save lots of her surrogate mermaid daughter, Hope, from Tia, who aims to wreak havoc within the lives of the humans and wipe out their existence from the face of the world. Unfortunately, Hunter kidnaps Hope to flee Tia’s wrath.

In the finale, we saw Ryn and Ben launch an underwater war against Tia and her mermaid tribes to save lots of humanity and Hope. As Xander’s condition deteriorates, Maddie and Robb pull out all stops to seek out a cure.

Helen and therefore the hybrids work together to calm the residents and put things back so as. Ted then gets the shock of his life after knowing about his son Ben’s superhuman powers.

Season 4 might devour from the ending of the third season. Humans and merpeople join hands to repair the damage done to their land by the ocean monster, Tia, and her tribe after the all-out war among them.

Ryn might train her daughter, Hope, to save lots of herself from future challenges. Ben might help his father, Ted, in understanding his superhuman powers and skills. within the fourth season, we will expect the trio to affect another threat.

Siren Season 4 Cast

The cast of season four of Siren is that the same because the third one and that they are-

  • Alex Roe as Ben Pownall
  • Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie Bishop
  • Rena Owen as Helen Hawkins
  • David Cubitt as Ted Pownall
  • Eline Powell as Ryn
  • Ian Verdun as Xander McClure
  • Curtis Lum as Calvin Lee
  • Sarah-Jane Redmond as Elaine Pownal

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