Here is what we know about the upcoming series on Netflix called The Queen’s Gambit!

Well, well, well, as of right now, the streaming giant Netflix has come out with a trailer, or you can probably dub it as a teaser for its new forthcoming limited series which goes by the name, The Queen’s Gambit.

This iconic show is going to employ actress Anya Taylor Joy in its lead cast members. The genre of The Queen’s Gambit excels in the department of psychology, as well as a thriller and, is a coming of age type of series.

The plot of the show throws the entire spotlight on the character of Beth Harmon who is also known in the world of this game as a chess prodigy. All the audience will be able to witness her balancing her burgeoning genius with an alarming addiction to various sorts of tranquilizers. Along with actress Taylor Joy being in the lead, we also have Marielle Heller and Moses Ingram as well as Bill Camp along with Thomas Brodie Sangster.

The Queen’s Gambit

Here is what the jew teaser/ trailer of The Queen’s Gambit looks like!

Netflix originally issued an order to create sux episodes that are going to comprise the first season of the series and the process of production started back in August of 2019. We all know how Taylor Joy is the one who has lit up the screen in both sorts of productions, indie as well as mainstream films that have been taking place over the last few years. She has starred in The Witch by Robert Eggers as well as The New Mutants which will be in theatres this upcoming Friday.

This particular first teaser from Netflix acknowledges some high wire acts about the character while she takes the world of chess by storm and also deals with her substance abuse which started back in the orphanage she grew up in.

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