Spy Games Season 2 may be a reality show where contestants compete with one another for $100,000. Mia King acts as a host within the first season that premiered in January 2020.

Douglas Laux, a former CIA act as a judge. alongside him, Erroll Southers, former FBI, and Evy Poumpouras, a former NYPD officer, joined with him. all of the judge and trained the contestant in becoming an actual spy or a minimum of on the brink of it. The series received mixed reviews, and its second season stands on hold.

Inspired by a real-life World war II program ‘Station S,’ the truth competition has been created by Kinetic Content CEO Chris Coelen, who is understood for ‘Married initially Sight’ and ‘Little Women: LA.’

‘Spy Games’ garnered tons of buzz for its unique concept that resembles the super successful reality series ‘Mole.’ Plus, the entire “living during a mansion” thing is very almost like ‘Big Brother.’ As a result, its inaugural installment received favorable reviews from viewers. Here’s all we all know about ‘Spy Games’ season 2.

Spy Games Season 2

Spy Games Season 2 Release Date

The reality television program competed its first season in March 2020 with eight episodes. As there’s no official announcement on the discharge of its second season, it’s hard to mention when will its next part drop. But producers hinted that they might come with a fresh installment.

The executive producer, Eric Detwiler, said in his interview that the team plans to form some changes to the format of the principles of the sport in order that viewers get fresh content rather than the previous one.

As far as another season goes, the producers have hinted that they need a replacement installment in mind. EP Eric Detwiler had even stated during an interview that they decide to introduce some new game rules to the format. So, that they had never conceptualized it as a one-off.

But a final judgment will definitely also depend upon the ratings. If everything goes well and Bravo renews the show, Spy Games season 2 should presumably premiere sometime in January 2021.

Spy Games Host and Contestants

Mia Kang is that the game host and Douglas Laux, Evy Poumpuras, and Erroll Southers are the assessors.

Mia Kang may be a supermodel and self-defense expert. Her achievements include: winning a pro-Muay Thai fight by securing TKO within the 3rd round; being the sole woman in Hong Kong to possess her face within the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; and if that’s not enough, she also possesses a master’s degree in Finance and Financial Law.

The contestants come from different backgrounds, professions, age groups, and places. In season 1, we meet 10 contestants, who are:

  • New York City: Colin Hutzler – Entrepreneur
  • Jacksonville: Saif Kareem – Personal trainer and Translator
  • Berkeley: Chelsey Mori – student
  • New Jersey: Dr. Mitch Abrams – Psychologist and Author
  • Pensacola: Christina Randall – Social media influencer
  • Los Angeles: Jessica Studd – Cannabis sales
  • Orange County: Nika Nour – computer game executive
  • South Dakota: Brock Thompson – Nursing student
  • Orlando: Charnel Wright – PR strategist and Image consultant
  • Longbeach via Houston: George Jackson – Marketing consultant and Professional driver

So far, no official names of castes are revealed who will join the Spy Games. But we will expect a number of them back.

What is Spy Games about?

‘Spy Games’ follows 10 people, who are transported to a foreign area where they’re asked to measure during a secluded mansion. With no prior experience within the field, the contestants receive hardcore training from spymasters who prepare them for various tasks to return.

They live like spies, without even worrying about the results just in case they get caught. No death. No jail terms. Basically, they’ve got nothing to lose but an enormous sum to realize.

The show features 3 Assessors, who are experts from intelligence services just like the CIA, FBI and United States Secret Service . The Assessors introduce several tasks and missions to shake the desire power of the participants, so as to determine the people that actually need to stay within the game.

As the show progresses, one contestant is shipped home after each task, via elimination, establishing the very fact that only the toughest, mentally and physically, survives the espionage competition. The drive for the contestants is that the handsome prize of $100,000.

We will update you on more information.

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