Experian, the global data services company, has been chosen by Axis Bank, India’s third-largest private sector bank, to improve its debt management and collection activities.

Experian’s Tallyman software will be used by Axis Bank to effectively manage customers in arrears and reduce the cost of collection.

TallyMan Axis Bank

Jairam Sridharan is the Head of Consumer Lending & Payments at Axis Bank. He stated that Axis Bank aims to invest in top-quality technology to ensure efficient management of every aspect of its business. After reviewing a variety of suppliers, Experian’s Tallyman was chosen because it allows the business to automate and tailor its processes to our requirements.

Effective debt management requires that we can adopt a targeted, personal approach to managing our debts rather than using generic strategies. Tallyman will allow us to reduce collections costs and provide the best customer service. Tallyman hosted will reduce our implementation time and dependence on IT resources, which can be used to improve other core banking systems.

Vikram Narayan (Cedar Executive Officer and Country Manager, Experian India) stated: “Many organisations face a problem in managing bad debt efficiently and effectively. Axis Bank’s collaboration with us will allow it to handle customers in arrears more effectively, in a targeted, sensitive and proactive manner when collecting debts.

Axis Bank’s software flexibility allows it to rehabilitate customers and allow them to trade again. It can also identify and manage financial distress signs, as well as take appropriate action for customers whose debt is due to be recovered. Experian is a global leader in debt management systems with more than 80 installations in various markets. Tallyman deployments provide a quick return on investment which makes them an extremely powerful proposition.

What is Tallyman?

Tallyman Axis is an important component of Experian’s Debt Recovery and Collection package. The software automates the entire collection process for the entire lifetime. Tallyman was created to increase the efficiency of our debt collection and collection operations. It provides a single-stop database that all customers can use.

It is an integral part the Experian Debt Collection & Recovery Department’s decision-making process. It is important that the tallyman system is as efficient and effective as possible. The system has evolved into a fully functional package that includes a variety of new features and functionality.

It’s also very fast and simple to use the tallyman Axis Bank. The app is easy to use. You only need to download it and create a login. You can access the app on both Android and iOS, so it’s available wherever you are.

How does the Tallyman Axis Bank work?

Businesses of all sizes will find the Tallyman Axis Bank a valuable tool. The Tallyman Axis Bank allows you to:

  • Easily manage your finances
  • Get a complete overview of your account activity
  • Make and Receive Payments
  • Access your account information from anywhere, anytime
  • Tallyman Axis Bank, a cloud-based secure solution that makes managing your finances easy, is available to you.
  • The Tallyman Axis Bank allows you to access your account information from any location around the globe, 24/7.

You can do:

  1. All customer information is available with the tallyman-axis bank collection software.

You can also look up relatives or friends who live at the same address. You can also view their total debt, average amount and the date they last traded with Experian’s Debt Collection & Recovery.

  1. All the information you need about your customers.

You can view the contact information and name of each customer. Experian allows you to view the details of each customer’s outstanding debt and how long it has been since their last trade with Experian. This will provide you with a clear indication of how well-informed and healthy a customer is.

  1. Mass emailing

This feature allows you to email your customers to as many addresses you like. It also includes details about your company’s policies as viewed by the customer. This will ensure that your customer is fully aware of their rights under Fair Trading Act 1986 as well as other consumer protection laws.

  1. Searches

Tallyman allows you to locate a specific customer. This can be the customer’s name or address. It can also be combined with their outstanding debt to determine how much they owe.

  1. Get additional promotions by applying

Experian can help promote your business’s products or services. If you sign up new clients, you will get extra money in addition to the discount rate. This promotion will bring you more profit if you sign up more customers.

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How do I log in to Tallyman Axis Bank?


You will first need to type “tallyman axis” in the Google search bar.


Once the URL tallyman-axis for this website has been visible on the first number, you will need to click the same URL.


Next, you’ll be taken to the login page. Here, you can enter your user name and password.


Enter your username and password and click on Login.


In the event that you forget the password for this login page’s username, you can contact the administrator of the website.


The website administrator will then send your password to your registered email address. Once again, you will need to go to the login page. After entering the correct password and username, click the login button. This will allow you to log in to your dashboard.

Final Verdict:

Tallyman is an integral part of Experian’s Debt Recovery and Collection package. The software automates the entire collection process for the whole life. Tallyman was created to increase the efficiency of our debt collection and collection operations. It provides a single-stop database that all customers can use.

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