If you’re a business owner, you know that customer service is vital in today’s world. There’s no way to get around it!

If your customers have a negative experience, they’ll take their business elsewhere (usually to a competitor). For this reason, you need to step up your game and invest whatever you can to keep your consumers happy. The good news is that there are plenty of tech tools out there that can help you!

Continue reading to find out why you should use technology to help improve your customer service.

Technology Improves Customer Service

1.   It Helps Manage Customer Service Teams

Having a difficult time managing your representatives and keeping track of their interactions with consumers? The right software can help.

For example, MaestroQA produces software that assists managers on coaching their teams. They incorporate different ways to monitor each representative’s interaction with a customer and score them with a QA scorecard. These scorecards can assist managers with keeping track of how their teams are doing when they help customers.

QA scorecards eliminate several blind spots that typical productivity and satisfaction metrics miss by showing the whole picture.

2.   Technology Can Provide Faster Service

In the modern world, we rely on technology to help speed things up. As Generation Z begins to make up more of the customer base, companies are quickly learning that old methods are not as effective as they were with older generations.

Studies have suggested that Generation Z values convenience more than any other generation. They are more likely to hang up the phone when placed on hold and expect businesses to provide instant support. Therefore, slow customer service could be equated with poor customer service.

As a business owner, you must keep up with the desires of younger, more tech-savvy consumers to ensure they remain loyal to your brand. One way to speed things up is to incorporate AI (artificial intelligence) to assist consumers with simple matters.

Research indicates that the popularity of bots (an AI program used to simulate human conversation) is increasing primarily due to their ability to improve productivity and efficiency. Investing in bots on your company website could boost your morale with clients by providing quick service for simple tasks.

For example, bots could help answer a customer’s questions about a product or service or perform simple actions, such as placing an order or canceling one.

3.   It Provides 24-Hour Assistance To Clients

Because younger generations value convenience, they prefer businesses that provide 24- hour support.

Competitors who acknowledge this are gravitating to AI to give this to their customers. While hiring people for 24-hour care is difficult and costly, AI never needs rest, vacation time, or sick leave. This is not to say that human customer service representatives are not necessary. They will always be needed. Businesses find that a mixture of the two is required to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Additionally, if you’re planning on going global, 24-hour assistance will definitely become necessary. Bots are invaluable for international companies that reach other countries because they can be programmed to communicate in multiple languages. Multilingual bots, also known as Polyglot bots, are beneficial when you plan on connecting with a broader audience that speaks different languages.

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Don’t allow your business to fall behind the times! Invest in technology to improve your consumers’ customer service experience.

Now is the time to get your company up-to-date to ensure all your clients remain loyal to your brand. Additionally, implementing technology into your business will help increase your customer base by attracting younger consumers who require quick, convenient service.

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