If you’re a fan of espionage thrillers, BBC’s The Capture is the perfect series for you. Written and directed by Ben Chanan, the show made its debut on BBC One in September 2019. And it aired till 8 October that year. Overall, the series consists of six episodes. And each part has a run-time of around an hour.

Upon release, the show received massive acclaim from critics. It remains one of BBC’s most highly acclaimed series with a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Also, Reviewers have praised it for its nuanced and complex storyline. The Capture also became a hit among viewers. In 2019, it became BBC iPlayer’s most requested series.

The Capture Season 2

The Capture Season 2: Release date

Due to its immense success, the show’s renewal was only a matter of time. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise when BBC renewed the series for the second season in June this year. But, apart from the announcement we don’t have information on the date. For now, considering the current circumstances, we don’t think the conspiracy thriller will hit the screens anytime soon. Also, since BBC has recently commissioned the series, it’d be safe to guess that production on season two is yet to start. Hence, we expect the show to return in late 2021 or early 2022.

The Capture Season 2: Possible cast

We believe most of the primary cast will be back to portray their roles in the next season. Without doubt, Holliday Grainger will return to play DI Rachel Carey. Plus, joining them will be Ben Miles playing as Danny Hart and Ron Perlman as Frank Napier. Also, others such as Lia Williams (Gemma Garland), Ginny Holder (Nadia Latif) etc. might make their return as well.

However, the director/writer Ben Chanan has revealed that Callum Turner’s Shaun Emery won’t be back. In an interview, Chanan stated that Shaun’s character arc had run its course and there’s no more to tell. Thus, season two will move on without him.

The Capture Season 2: Expected plot

The director/writer has already hinted at what fans can expect from season two. It will further delve into the correction program’s misuse of power. Furthermore, with the threat of exposure looming over the department, the new season will give viewers a glimpse of what might happen. Season One showed the executive branch’s plans to leak the idea of Correction as a conspiracy theory, allowing them deniability. And in season two, we expect to see where the show goes with this.

As for DI Carey, her journey in the next season will be exciting to watch. Since the second season continues from where the previous one ended, Carey will have two choices open for her. She could work with Garland and Hart to convict the guilty through the system’s loopholes. However, in contrast, she could try to expose the department for its corruption.

Moreover, Chanan has suggested that Carey will only go deeper into the world of deception and disinformation. Summing up next season’s possibilities, he said that the show has barely scratched the surface of conspiracies. Whatever Carey’s choice might be, viewers can prepare themselves for a thrilling new season.

The Capture Season 2: Storyline

The Capture is a crime drama/ spy thriller series. It primarily revolves around two characters DI Rachel Carey and former Lance Corporal Shaun Emery. After the Court of Appeal absolves him of his war crime charge, Shaun becomes entangled in the kidnapping and murder of his barrister. And Rachel is in charge of his case. However, soon, she starts noticing discrepancies in the reports and evidence. Later, the show reveals that the Correction had been doctoring the evidence all along. The abuse of power disgusts Rachel, and she tries to push back, but the authority suspends her.

The first season ends with Napier and Garland blackmailing Shaun to confess for his barrister, Hannah’s murder. He agrees and gets a sentence. On the other hand, Napier justifies Correction’s actions and offers her a place in the team. At the climax, Rachel agrees to do so and asks to work for them.

In essence, The Capture is a show that depicts how those with authority abuse their power to get their way. It also explores the ideas regarding conspiracy theories. Additionally, it raises some important questions about the justice system.

The Capture Season 2: Trailer

Because the show received the renewal very recently, filming is yet to begin. Therefore, a trailer is off the cards for the foreseeable future. The makers usually reveal the teaser one or two months before the premiere date. So, we guess that a promo might drop sometime next year. However, if the creators release anything, we’ll let you know.

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