The Haunting of the Hill House Season 2 is an upcoming horror drama series on Netflix which is based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 book which has the same name and kicks off with the Crain family moving into their brand new home.

If you are a fan of Horror movie or series, this one will definitely be a thrilling experience,

The series can make your heart stop and tear-jerking with intense family drama and one part frightening ghost story.

The Haunting of Hill House season 2

The Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Release Date

The Haunting of Hill House season 2 was set to release in 2020. But we can’t say the same with the corona pandemic.

The First Season of the series was released on October 12, 2018, maybe Netflix might try for another October release date. It might help the show by capitalizing on the Halloween season.

The production for the show was halt and postponed. At present, we could say that the release date is pushed back.

There is also no trailer available yet. In most cases, streaming service usually announces the release dates just about a month or two in advance, which then often accompanied by another teaser trailer.

We will update you on that too but it seems that we’ll likely have to wait until later in 2020 for a clearer release date.

The Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Plot

It revolves around a hired-governess who appears after two kids from the Bly Manor. She then worries that an effect is holding them after the governess begins interacting with the kids.

People have also argued that this Novel is perplexing but it is full of suspense, hence it is adapted a number of times in movies, tv shows, and drama.

The productions have claimed that the new season will be more horrifying than preceding ones. That is an interesting thing to say, because how can you make this any more horrifying?

Anyway, there are no plot and story line leaks for now.

The Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Cast

Here is a bummer, at least for me.

There have been reports that future installments f the series will function by recasting established actors in new roles each season similar to the American Horror Story.

Cast from season one who are set to return, include Victoria Pedretti (Nell Crain) as Dani the governess.

  • Benjamin Evan Ainsworth
  • Amelie Smith
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Peter
  • Henry Thomas
  • Kate Siegel
  • Catherine Parker
  • T’Nia Miller
  • Rahul Kohli, and
  • Amelia Eve.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor 2 will reveal a different kind of horror story. We will update you more on this.

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