Training your real estate agent is very important because they are the most important factor of your brokerage firm’s potential success and failure. Your real estate agents may come from different backgrounds which is why some of them possibly might or might not have the necessary skills of marketing already. Even if they do possess the skills, it doesn’t automatically translate into the fact that they can survive the real estate scenario. Thus it is an absolute necessity that all the real estate agents in a firm are at least given a basic training so that they are on the same page. Brushing up their soft skills and hard skills is very important so that they are trained enough to understand the market and identify the opportunities; it doesn’t matter if you are a big or a small realtor firm.

Now, while training your real estate agent, there are certain things that should be considered and implemented for easier and more effective training. More than considering what makes a realtor successful, it is important to identify the factors that inhibit the growth of a realtor and try to avoid/eradicate them at all costs. Here are some tips to effectively train your real estate agents and see your firm blooming to success in no time.

Thinking ahead and nurturing leads

Real estate is a number game where nurturing the leads and thinking ahead of the clients are the make or break factors of being successful. The capability of the realtor to follow up on the good leads is the most important thing that a realtor needs to be trained about.  Buying and selling property is a very long process and every buyer a real estate agent encounters can be on a different level of their real estate voyage. Thus, your realtor needs to think ahead of the clients in terms of dealings.

Commitment and consistency

Real estate agents work independently as it is more of an one-on-one kind of job. Even when realtors are a part of a firm, they have to face the client on their own. Thus, there is no one to look over a real estate agent’s shoulder. In such a situation, it is very important that the realtor understands perseverance. Even though it is difficult to teach and is an inherent quality, basic training on the importance of the train can help realtors a lot.  They need to be enthusiastic and motivated enough to work consistently with commitment so that they can reap their rewards later.

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Using Technology

Not everyone is very good with technology as it is an ever changing tool that keeps getting updates and becoming better and that is alright. However, using technology can make a real estate agent’s work much better. Using technology can completely revolutionize the way realtors show the property to their clients but the complications of tech can be intimidating as well. Thus some training on handling the latest technology can make it a bit better for the realtors and make them confident to use technology.

Communication skills and marketing

Communication is one of the most important parts of marketing. Without exceptional communication skills it is impossible to generate need and convince people of your solution, basically marketing. You should never assume that anyone can write a compelling and clear property description or communicate it perfectly in verbal ways. Thus, it is pretty important to train your real estate agents to learn both written and verbal communication skills and encourage them to practice their message.

Training on Going

Becoming a licensed agent is a long process but a licensed agent doesn’t necessarily mean an expert real estate agent. To expertise a field, ongoing training is very  important. Such training can be given simultaneously while working on the field and it can add up to the existing knowledge and skills of the realtor.


Training a realtor to become more communicative, committed, tech savvy and eager to learn is the key to a real estate business’s success. And to achieve all these simultaneously may look a bit intimidating but can be done very easily with a learning management system like Acendre that gives you the tools to create the most precisely tailored courses that can cater exactly to the needs of your realtors while not spending too much unnecessary money and keeping it flexible as per the employees’ convenience.

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