UPS Patcher Download – It is different from the NINJA / xdelta / and other Patch software. It is meant to be for a direct replacement for the IPS.

However, the difficulty of implementing is equal to IPS.

The spec for the UPS supports any file size, though the binary is currently limited to around 4GB files due to libc limitations.

UPS Patcher Download

What is a UPS file?

UPS is a Patch file for a gaming ROM. This UPS file does contain graphics, model and some other data which help the user to modify the game or app.

How to use UPS Patcher

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First of all, download the UPS file original game file.

Now that you have already downloaded all these files

First of all, Extract all the game and UPS file & the Tsukuyomi UPS (They are in the zip folder)

ups patcher

Choose the Apply patch to the existing file

Open the Tsukuyomi UPS and click on Browse in the front of the first input field

Next, Select your UPS file

Tap on the Browse file near to the second input field and Locate your Game File.

Tsukuyomi UPS

Click on the Apply patch button

Wait for a few seconds for the patch to apply. Once done, you can use your existing game file with the help of an emulator.

Download UPS Patcher


Hoe this guide helps you to install and set up and customize Game or App file. If you have any trouble, let us know in the comments below!

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