How to Migrate Email to Office 365? What do we understand by Office 365 Email Migration?

When you migrate from the on-premises environment to the cloud your business productivity improves drastically.

However, after moving to Office 365, end-users need to migrate their emails from Outlook to Office 365.

Customers can migrate their data from an On-premises Exchange server to Office 365 Cloud with Office 365 data migration tool.

How to Migrate Email to Office 365

How to Migrate Numerous Emails Accounts to Office 365?

With the help of an email system, one can migrate their mailboxes from an
Exchange Server.

Then the users can import their emails and other useful data like contacts, calendars to Office 365.

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Following are some different factors which one should keep in mind before opting for an Email Migration:

  • Type of data that is to be migrated
  • Amount of data to be migrated
  • One should know their current email system
  • The current version of your Exchange Server
  • The total time required for the migration project.
  • The total cost required for the migration

Different Migration Methods

There are various migration methods that Office 365 supports to move data like email, contact, calendar from your current environment to Office 365.

There are 3 types of migration methods which are as follow:

  1. Cutover Migration – In this type of migration we move the entire data from the existing email system to Office 365. Choose this migration, only if you want to send all your data to Office 365. Data like mail contacts and distribution groups of your Exchange server is also migrated. This migration is for users which are currently using Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2013 with the capacity of fewer than 2,000 mailboxes. Get to know about Cloud Desktop service in detail.
  1. Staged Migration – In this type of migration, all your data is migrated in
    batches to Office 365. Migration for users of Exchange Server 2003 and All the users who have their mailboxes in Office 365 can easily send
    and receive emails from users of on-premises and vice-versa. For this
    migration to run smoothly it requires synchronization with on-premises and other technical stuff to be handled properly.
  2. Hybrid Migration- In this migration process, we make use of the Exchange
    Server and Office 365 environment. This migration process uses an
    approach to maintain proper synchronization of uses accounts for both
    environments. This migration is for users of Exchange 2010, 2013, and

IMAP Migration – Basically for users of Exchange Server 2000.

One can make use of the Exchange Admin Center or Power shell to move the data of the users from an electronic messaging system (IMAP) to Office 365.

This is typically G Suite to Office 365 email migration.

It can only import email messages. It can be used to migrate Exchange 5.5 and 2000 legacy servers. Know more about Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting in detail.


Now that you know what Office 365 migration and its different methods are.

Choosing the right provider to perform Office 365 migration is a crucial task. One needs to have proper expertise and experience to execute such migrations in an effective manner.

After considering all the different factors, one can rely on
Apps4Rent for their migrations. They have more than 15 years of experience where they have successfully migrated data for organizations of various sizes.

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