WhatsApp APK – WhatsApp is one of the biggest and most commonly used instant messaging application and is currently being used by more than 1 billion people.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages using the internet connection so you can message and call friends and family or anyone without having to pay for SMS.

It supports Text-based, Video, Voice messages and calls too. Aside from that it also supports other media type such as- documents, pdf, XSL, photos, videos, etc.

Fun Fact: On February 19, 2014, Facebook one of the biggest Social Media site, announced it was acquiring WhatsApp for US$19 billion, its largest acquisition to date.

Features of WhatsApp:

It’s not possible to mention all its features. So, Let’s discuss only some of the main important features of WhatsApp.

1. 100% Free (No Additional Fees)

Unlike the traditional SMS service where they charge you for your message, WhatsApp is completely free.

WhatsApp basically uses your phone’s Internet or Wifi connection to chat with your friends and family. You don’t have to pay a single cent for your message aside from your internet connection.

2. WhatsApp Calling (Voice/Video)

You can call your family and friends via WhatsApp for free. It supports both Voice and Video calling.

WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet/ Wifi connection to help you connect in a matter of seconds.

(Note: But do remember that you can’t access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp).

3. No International Charges

One of the best parts about this is that, especially if you are trying to connect to someone from another country, it can be rather expensive for your voice minutes.

WhatsApp can be the perfect choice for communication in this regard, as there is no extra charge to send messages or chat internationally via videos and voice messages.

Some other alternatives to avoid international SMS charges- Email, Skype, Messenger Call, etc

You can enjoy chatting with your group members so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.

It basically allows you to either send the same messages to multiple contacts without typing it again and again and have a conversation with a group of friends.

Only the members in the group can send messages and receive it too. Members in the group can also see each other phone number even if their numbers are not in their contacts.

5. Connect with Your Contacts

WhatsApp automatically connects you with your contacts who used WhatsApp so that there’s no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

6. Offline Messages

Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use.

Other WhatsApp Features:

  • Multimedia: Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
  • Personal: Set a profile photo which will be shown to all your contacts
  • No pins and usernames: WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.
  • Share location and places
  • Exchange contacts
  • Custom wallpaper & Custom notification sounds
  • Whatsapp business
  • Email chat history and much much more.

WhatsApp for PC/ WhatsApp Web

You can also Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer.

All you need to do is simply install the WhatsApp program or through the Whatsapp web.

WhatsApp for PC is quite as similar to the mobile version of the app. It pretty much offers the ability to chat- text messages, send and receive photos, documents, and notes, create and manage groups, change your profile picture, etc..

Set-Up your phone with WhatsApp Desktop-

Step 1. Open WhatsApp. You can either:

Step 2. When prompted with a QR code, use the QR scanner within WhatsApp to scan it.

Step 3. To do so, open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • On Android: in the Chats screen > More options > WhatsApp Web.
  • On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Windows, Phone: in the Chats screen > go to Menu > WhatsApp web.

Step 4. Scan the QR code on your computer screen with your phone.

WhatsApp APK File Info:

DeveloperWhatsApp Inc
Latest Version2.20.196.5
File size:37 MB
Requirements:Android 4.0.3+

How to Install WhatsApp APK?

Step 1: First of all, enable the “unknown sources” installation Option. Go to  Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Download the WhatsApp APK file via the links provided below. (bottom of the page)

Step 3: Locate the APK file where you have downloaded on your phone.

Step 4: Click on the WhatsApp APK and hit the install button.

Step 5: After the installation is completed, Open the WhatsApp app and start messaging your friends!

Step 6: This last step is more of an optional but just to be on the safe side, Disable the Unknown Sources Option

Leaving your Unknown sources option open can leave a huge security loophole.

So, after you finish installing, Go back to the Privacy << Unknown Sources and Uncheck it again.

To think about it, It is a very simple thing yet it can save you from many headaches.

Now that WhatsApp is already installed. Start connecting with your friends and family.

Note: Update the app to its latest version to ensure a bug-free experience.

Come back to our site if the app prompts for an Update, we will have the latest WhatsApp Apk updated by then.

Newly Added Features & Bug Fixes:

  • Consecutive Voice Messages will now play in sequence, so you don’t have to press play on each message.
  • Darkens the color of certain elements on the interface.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above
  • Internet data plan
  • Currently, Tablet devices are not supported


How to make a call using WhatsApp?

Open the chat with the contact you’d like to call and Tap the phone button located on top.
To receive a call, tap and then slide the green button appearing on the incoming call screen to answer it, or slide the red button if you’d like to decline the call.

How to make a video call in WhatsApp?

The step is similar to when you’re making a voice call. However, tap Video calls instead. And to receive a video call, there’s an incoming video call screen too.

How to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive?

The app allows you to backup WA data using a local backup and/or Google Drive.
Local backups are created automatically at 2 AM every day and saved as a file on the device.
To back up data on Google Drive, just open the app, then open the “Menu” button. Go to “Settings” — “Chats” — “Chat backup”.

How to change the wallpaper in WhatsApp?

Tap on “Menu” button and go to “Settings” — “Chats” — “Wallpaper”.
You can set different pictures per conversation.


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