Most people are replacing their phones with Apple iPhone 13 due to its brighter display, powerful cameras, and long-lasting battery. Its appearance isn’t something new, although it works better than other iPhone versions. The three best and top-rated Apple iPhones are iPhone 13 pro max review which is generally the best, iPhone 13 mini-review, and iPhone 13 pro review. Some of the iPhone 13 features include the following:

 Amazing features of iPhone 13

  1. Storage and price

iPhone 13 phones have varied storage capacities that come at different prices. Basically, the minimum storage capacity for iPhone 13 is 128GB, and its cost starts at around $799. The highest storage capacity goes up to 1TB, and the phone costs around $1,099. You can get an affordable iPhone 13 of your choice at Although their general prices are a bit high, you’ll be guaranteed to get value for money if you purchase one since they work excellently.

  1. Display

This phone boasts of its excellent display as compared to other iPhone versions. In terms of display, iPhone 13 is rated at 800 nits, which makes it 28% brighter than other iPhones. Its brighter display will help you operate the phone easily, even with direct sunlight. Its stellar display quality gives a clear picture of apps you’re using or even when watching videos online.

  1. Design and color

IPhone 13 has a different design compared to the other versions. Its cameras aren’t arranged vertically as in the case of other iPhones but somewhat diagonally. Additionally, this iPhone has a 20% smaller notch than usual iPhones. This feature doesn’t have much impact even when watching videos, especially when in landscape mode. IPhone 13 also has its buttons placed differently compared to the iPhone 12 version. In terms of color, iPhone 13 has 5 colors, i.e., Blue, pink, red, starlight and midnight. The color you choose will depend on your taste and preference.

4. Video

For those interested in getting high-quality shoot videos, iPhone 13 is the smartphone to get. It has a new feature known as a cinematic mode. Its primary role is to increase footage depth and make automatic changes on the happenings based on the subject. It also brings objects far away into focus without moving closer or straining. iPhone 13 also has a better dynamic range and improved noise reduction.


  1. Cameras

If you want bright, quality, and colorful images, consider getting an iPhone 13. It has an ultra-wide camera with an improved night mode and creative control. The larger camera has 1.7um pixels, which enables it to provide 47% more light to give a great scene. It provides 4X more scenes and is less noisy. IPhone 13 also has a photographic style feature where it’s possible to switch from one style to another, i.e., rich contrast, vibrant, standard, cool, and warm.

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  1. Battery life

IPhone 13 has a battery that can last for around 12 hours. This is a pretty long time (2 hours more) than the iPhone 12. The battery charging speed hasn’t changed.

In conclusion, these are the top features of the iPhone 13. Generally, it’s an excellent smartphone with all great and user-friendly features.

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