How to Delete an App on iPhone 8? Apps are usually deleted when they are no longer in use or take up too much space on your phone. According to the study, in 80 percent of the cases, users do not delete the apps even if they know that they no longer are needed anymore.

Over time, if you have plethra of apps installed, the app data can lead to slowing down your devices. So it is recommended to remove the unwanted apps off from your iPhone 8 (in this case) to make sure that your iPhone 8 runs fast and smoothly.

For those of you who are regular iOS users, uninstalling or deleting Apps on your iPhone is a simple task even for the new iPhone 8/8 Plus/X.

However, if you are one of the many new iPhone users, we will be guiding you how to delete an App from your devices.

How to Delete an App on iPhone 8

Follow the steps below to delete Apps from Apple iPhone 8 or X that you no longer wish to keep around.

Note: This step will work on iPhone 6 and Up and yes including iPhone 8. The process and methods steps will work for other iPhone models running the same version of iOS.

How to Delete an App on iPhone 8 via Tap and Remove

This method is the most commonly used and no doubt the fastest and easiest way to remove an app from your iPhone 8 device.

  • Navigate to your Home screen that contains all the icons for the application you wish to delete.
  • Locate the App that you wish to remove.
  • Gently tap and hold any icon for about 2 seconds, keep holding it until all the icons start to wiggle around.
  • An X option icon appears in the upper left corner of the App icon.
  • Tap the X icon on the app that you wish to delete or uninstall.
  • A dialog will appears confirming to delete the app and says “Deleting App will also delete all of its data.”
  • Tap on “Delete” or “Remove” to proceed with the uninstalling process.

Perform the same steps if want to uninstall more Apps for the apps you wish to delete.

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Once finished removing the apps, press the Home button to stop the Apps from wiggling.

Delete Apps on iPhone 8 from Settings

If the above “jiggly” mode doesn’t work, you can still remove them from the Settings app instead.

This section of the article guide will enable you to delete the apps on your iPhone 8, iPhone in iOS 11 or in iOS 10 devices through settings section of the phone.

Step 1: Navigate to your iPhone 8 device settings < click on General.

Step 2: From the general section, Tap “Storage & iCloud Usage” or “Usage“.

Step 3: Under the “Storage” section, click on “Manage Storage“ and iCloud usage window.

Step 4: It will list down the apps that are installed on your iPhone. Simply, choose the app that you wish to remove from your iPhone 8 device, the Delete App selection will appear.

Step 5: Click on the Delete App button and confirm on the popup dialog window that the selected app will be deleted from your device.

Once deleted, the app data and it’ program are completely uninstalled and removed from your iPhone 8 or X.

To view apps that you haven’t opened in a while, go to your device Settings < iTunes & App Store menu < scroll to the bottom < turn on the option to Offload Unused Apps.

This option will basically let the device automatically manage application deletion by offloading the unused apps that you haven’t opened or used for a while now.

Delete Apps using Wondershare Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

This method is an optional and not a necessity if you are looking to just uninstall apps.

Features of Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

  • Transfer, Manage, Export/Import Apps from Computer to iPod/iPhone/iPad without iTunes
  • Transfer, manage, export/import your media files (music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS, Apps)
  • Backup your media files to the computer and restore them easily.
  • Transfer media from one device to another

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS) from your PC and use a data cable to connect to your iPhone 8 device to your PC.

Step 2: Once connected, tap on the Apps icon on the top bar interface to go to the Apps window. It will display the list of apps installed on your iPhone 8.

Step 3: Select the apps that you want to remove by clicking the uninstall button on the top menu.

Step 4: From the pop-up menu, confirm the deletion process to delete from your iPhone 8 device.

How to recover Apps that are mistakenly removed?

For the instance that you have uninstalled mistakenly and removed the app from your device, you can still redownload it from the Apple App Store using the same Apple ID.

How to install app on your iPhone 8

  • From the Home screen, go to your App Store
  • Tap Apps at the bottom to browse the App Store
  • You can browse through the store by category (e.g., New Apps We Love, Top Categories, etc.)
  • Or use the search bar to enter the app name and hit enter or search
  • Once you have found the app, Tap GET then tap INSTALL.
  • If prompted, make sure to sign in to the iTunes Store to complete the installation process.

Note: To buy apps that are priced, tap BUY to get the app. If you have a compatible iPhone with Face ID enabled, you can just double-tap the Side button then look at the screen to authenticate.


Deleting apps from your Apple iPhone 8 or X that you no longer wish to keep around is as simple as it can be. More so, there are 3 methods to help remove the apps.

If the first jiggle (tap, hold and delete) method doesn’t work, iam sure the settings method will. The third is purely an optional. Hope this article helps you to delete the unused apps from your device.

However, if you encounter any trouble removing, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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