In every work, we have some kind of alternatives which we will use at certain times only. Audiobookbay is one of the best and amazing audio book downloader. But sometimes in that site, we will face some kind of problems which can`t be rectified to avoid them we use these alternative sites.

In these alternative sources also all the e-books and another type of material are available for free only. Since audiobookbay is the best competitor in providing world class books and novels in the digital form. To exceed and catch up with this audiobookbay site their alternatives also coming up with more and more facilities.

What is the purpose of hearing these audiobooks?

Most of the people in our society are not able to enjoy their life happily by playing or talking with someone who are known to them. There are so many reasons behind these situations. These kinds of people look for another alternative source to have happiness in their life. For them, this audio book is a golden opportunity to have a happy day with knowledge.

In these books also they can select whichever story or theme they want. The people who are not able to read properly but have the capability of hearing, Then they can use these audiobooks in an excellent way. If they are bored with normal movies and games then these audiobooks will help them to make their time very useful.

Advantages of listening to audiobooks:

  1. The first and foremost one is the people who are listening to them will definitely gain knowledge.
  2. It will increase the concentration level of an individual.
  3. Proper pronunciation can be made for difficult words also.
  4. We can increase the accuracy of reading sentences.
  5. If the people have listened to the same audio book in different languages then it promotes the language understanding capacity.
  6. The speed of reading a document can be increased.
  7. It promotes the habit of being calm and increases thinking power.
  8. Grammar and vocabulary parts of the language that you are hearing in the audio book can be improved.
  9. Make the listeners to think and talk in a smart way.
  10. Finally, they are available for free and no charge is kept on them so we can utilize them for our better use.

Alternatives of the audiobookbay:

The word alternative is used for a purpose like “Instead of”. So we are using other sites instead of audiobookbay. Here in the following session, we will discuss more about the alternatives of audiobookbay. Even these sites also providing the best quality audio books. The alternative sites are,

Torrent off:

This site is the second most top one for downloading audio books. Here they will provide the audio books in the form of torrent links. All types of media contents are available on this site. They are having an attractive and friendly interface. Monthly more and more no of audiobooks are updated on this site without any delay.

Easy navigation facilities are provided for the users to download the content in an easy way. It will run on all kinds of electronic devices. It will never ask for any pre-registration process we can directly access the content on that site. Not only the audio books they will also provide movies, TV shows, live telecasts etc,.


This site will also work in an excellent condition. All the audio books are available in multiple languages which facilitate the users to download whichever language they want. A wide collection of audio books present in this site. All the audio books are segregated according their genre. By clicking on the genre option you can easily separate a huge no of files which will help you to find the wanted one.

The downloaded audio book can be transferred to whichever drove you to want. This site will run in both android and IOS in the section of mobiles. This is the only site which is having an extraordinary feature that is “Automatic e-book reader”.

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On this site we can find a large collection of poems and stories which are written by the famous writers all over the world. Very high grade literature is published on this site. Unlike all other audio book downloader sites this site is having its own unique style.

It is the best platform to download all kinds of audiobooks including the attached pdf file which facilitates the user to understand the words when they have taken a look at the pdf file. Even with the help of that pdf file the people who are going to listen to the audio book can able to know the spelling of the unknown words.


The first thing we will do after downloading any audio book is listening to them to know the clarity of that file. Here on this site you no need to worry about that thing because each and every audiobook is provided with high clarity voice.

By looking at the name of the site itself we can notify that they are providing audio books which are clearly audible. On the home page also we can option like a library, Browsing, wish list, downloaded etc,. We can select any one of the options from them.


 It is not mandatory to use the only audiobookbay for the purpose of downloading audio books. Soetimes we can skip this one move on to the alternative one`s. At that time you are not able to locate the proper alternative. In that case, the above information will help you a lot. Not only the above four sites there are so many other sites also which can be used for downloading audiobooks.

But when compared with the others, the above mentioned four sites are much better to use. We can easily mention an audio book in a single word like “An ocean of knowledge”. For all the above-discussed sites direct links are provided to the visitors of our site in the description box of our official website.

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