Web Resources for Students: For a lot of current college students, the use of online sources for studying is an inevitable part of their study experience.

Most people do their educational journeys relying on these sources. A good portion of your study time will be spent using textbooks.

However, this will only be true if you do not take advantage of other resources available to you. Online resources for college students will allow you to save a lot of time and energy using proven study techniques and strategies. 

Here are some tips on resources you should consider to make the most of your studying experience:

Web Resources for Students


A habit journal will enable you to keep track of your study materials and your progress in terms of reading, writing, speaking, and class attendance.

A journal will also give you an idea of how much you study and in what areas. You can also keep track of how different online resources for study help you develop your learning skills by showing you what works for you.

Google Drive

All your papers and e-materials should be organized. You can access information at any time and anywhere. Therefore, it is vital that you save study material at the right place, in the right category, and in the right format.

Some sites also allow you to download your own study material or the entire study guide so that you can study from home.

My Paper Done

Many students have no idea where to begin their research. This is the moment when they start to dig the web looking for some material.

For this reason, they find it helpful to avail of study guides in blogs. ASt My Paper Done, students can find any useful information on writing academic paper they need.

Another good thing – writing, editing, and proofreading of papers students may struggle with are also available on the site. Experienced writers can help with it in a short time.

Getting Smart

Online resources for study help you to access study tips, study guides, and study materials. You can also use them to plan your study schedule.

Online learning involves a lot of discipline and it is important that you stay on track with your studies. Online study help will help you organize your study schedule in such a way that it will enable you to study efficiently and effectively.

This resource was created for educators, but everyone who wants to learn efficiently should try it.

Dragon Dictation

If your fingers are aching from endless typing, you should give a shot to this app.

Our moms and dads only dreamt about this and modern students can dictate papers and a speech recognition system will turn them into a text. Of course, there can be some mistakes, but it’s where the next resource can get in hand.


Must-have for everyone who does any type of writing. Confusing misspellings and grammar mistakes will be eliminated with this green helper who hunts them.

The free version keeps enough functions to spot the most common mistakes. To enhance writing, students should try a pro.

As the number of people who are using laptops increases each day, the need for online resources for college students also increases. Online study help is a blessing for students as well as instructors. It will provide them with all the convenience that they require when doing research on the Internet.

These resources can help you with your studies and research.

If you have any other resources to add and want to include in the list, you can let us know in the comments below.

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