Autozone Return Policy with & without Receipt – Wanna return your bought auto parts or accessories from AutoZone or They sell aftermarket automotive parts and accessories.

Well, you can return your products if you accomplish the AutoZone Return Policy.

Many face trouble with understanding their Return Policy and don’t know the steps to return their product.

This is why we have decided to help you with this procedure in our guide today and offer all the information you need about the AutoZone return policy.

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Autozone Return Policy with & without Receipt

About AutoZone Return Policy

According to the AutoZone Return Policy, all their items purchased online from their website

You can return your products in two ways by which customers can return the products back to the AutoZone either to the AutoZone store or by mail too. However, there is a time limit on returning the products for 90 days from the date of purchase for online as well as in-store purchase.

There can also be specific certain restrictions for returning their products and items to the AutoZone store if they are purchased from You can find these restrictions on the return receipt or from the description of that product.

However, In both of the cases, you first need to satisfy their terms and conditions to give the product back.


Period for return – 90 days

It means you can return most of the AutoZone’s merchandise within the first 90 days of your purchase.

Hence, all customers that are not satisfied with their product need to first apply for the return under 90 days from purchase day. Again a reminder that you first need to check first if your product is eligible for a return or not according to some terms and conditions.

How To Return In Your Nearest Store?

Before you return your items to AutoZone via online or store mode, you need to take service of a few things:

Check the following before returning the items to AutoZone:

You need to Empty & Clean the returning parts by draining of the fluids.
Take care that the parts that are to be returned have no flammable or hazardous fluids inside..

Step-1: In order to return any of the items, make sure they are eligible for in-store return or the items fall under the exception category.

Step-2: Visit your nearest Autozone store along with the product along with the original receipt.

Step-3: If you purchased the item using a particular credit card, make sure to the credit card with you to get the refund immediately to your account.

Step-4: However, If the payment is made by PayPal or debit card, offer the original receipt, and the Autozone representative will then initiate the refund to your account.

Step-5: You can reach out to the customer service associate in the store to check the item and refund to the original method of payment.

Return to by Mail

  • Fill out the Return form that are available in Section B of the shipping invoice.
  • Keep the return form in the box along with the item that is to be returned.
  • After you have completed the above two steps, you can submit the reason to return.
  • Once completed with all the previous steps, contact the AutoZone customer service to make the necessary return shipping arrangements at the AutoZone customer service at 800.288.6966.

AutoZone does provides a facility of pre-paid return label for the returns that are made within the USA. So, Simply place the shipping label on the outside of the box, and then drop off the package at the nearest or shipping facility of your choice..

However, If you are returning your item from an overseas location or a U.S. Territory, AutoZone will then reimburse your return shipping cost via issuing a check for the shipping dollar amount as it appears on the carrier’s pre-printed label.

You can enclose the carrier’s pre-printed label with theamount of the shipping charge when you return the item.

Some important points to note:

  • The product must be returned in their original packaging and box.
  • The item must not be damaged.
  • Mandatory to drain out all the fluid before returning it.
  • NO customization allowed.
  • Original purchase receipt. Yup keep it safe just in case.

Which Products Are Covered Under Autozone Return Policy

Some of the product categories cannot be returned at all while can but still subject to some terms and conditions. Have a look below fpr more info!

Products Conditions for return Return Policy
General Product Policy The item needs to be in their original condition which means they cannot contain hazardous and flammable substances Items can be returned within 90 days.
Customized Items NA Personalized and Customized items are final sale items. They cannot be returned.
Gift Card These are final sale items All of the gift cards bought from Autozone cannnot be returned by online or store mode.

So, the sale of gift cards at Autozone is final and no return is allowed.

Autozone Refunds

Here is the refund option for different methods of payment:

Type of payment Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/Debit card used at H&M store Autozone offers a refund in the form of the original payment for a credit card. Shipping and handling costs cannot be refunded.
Cash If you paid by cash for the item, you will then get your refund through cash.
PayPal For PayPal, your refund would be initiated toward your original PayPal account.


Hopefully this article helps you in Online and In-store return, Core returns, AutoZone’s exchanges and refunds. Note that the return policy is unique for each and among all of them and maybe not the best but it helps you at a greater extent if you are looking for a return at AutoZone.

So, If you are returning any of the product or products and you have no receipt, you need to contact AutoZone Customer Support at 1-800-288-6966 to request the transaction details of your order.

If you got any queries, write down your queries below and we will answer your queries on the Autozone Return Policy 🙂


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