Bass Pro Shop Return Policy: Wanna return your Bass Pro item? If so, you are in the right place.

If you bought any camping accessories or got clothing from Bass Pro Shops and wanna return it, you can do so as long as you are in line with Bass Pro Shops Return Policy to the same store where you purchased the item from.

According to Bass Pro Shops Return Policy there are items that cannot be replaced without Receipt, however if you are fulfilling the conditions required by bass pro shops return policy, you are good to go.

Let us further discuss to understand the Bass Pro Shops Return Policy along with some of the General and Basic Policy. Let us begin with the General Return Policy.

Bass Pro Shop Return Policy

Bass Pro Shop Return Policy

Returning items on Bass Pro isn’t that difficult and typically Bass Pro Shops let you return within 60 days. However, once the time slot is over, return is possible only after an inquiry. Below are a few of the policy rules.

  • Customers who purchase the product at Pay Pal have to return their product only at the return center.
  • If you pay the Pay Pal products at the retail store then a refund is not eligible in this case.
  • You need to carry the return of electronics only after 60 days.
  • Different Non-Bass Pro Shops items have a different return policy.
  • All items have a particular Warranty period all items of Bass Pro Shops.


  • Online Method For Return
  • Store Method For Return

Online Method For Return

The process is quite simple. Follow the below steps:

  • Visit Bass Pro Shops on the official website.
  • Login to your Bass Pro Shops accounts and head to your order list.
  • Get the list of your order items.
  • Next, click on the return button near your item.
  • Simply, follow the ahead steps to complete your online return process
  • Once completed, you will then receive an email regarding your return confirmation.

Store Method For Return

You can also return your purchased item via store method for a return.

  • Visit your nearest location of Bass Pro Shops.
  • Make sure to keep your order detail slip, label, and packing slip with you.
  • You need to return the item in its original condition.
  • After store verification of the returned item, you will then get your refund immediately.

So these are some of the offline methods of return. There are also products which are not in the return category of Bass Pro Shops Return Policy. Below you will understand the items in the Exceptional category.

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Exceptional Products

There are some items which are not in the category of return. They are

  • Ammunition
  • Black Powders
  • Primers
  • Reloading lead
  • Brass
  • Bullets
  • Waterfowl Calls
  • Turkey Calls
  • Big Game Calls
  • Firearms

The above list of item categories are the products which are not available for return.

Bass Pro Shops Return Policy

Bass Pro Shops Return Policy is quite easy to understand.

  • The time slot for the refund is 2- 7 business days in normal condition.
  • After you return the product at the store, you will get a refund after inspection of the item.
  • Online returns have a different time span for the refund.
  • Refunds are generated only after proper inspection by the authorized dealer.
  • The Warranty card also needs to be taken into account in the refund section.
  • You will have to return the items within 60 days for a refund.

Exchange Policy

Bass Pro Shop Exchange Policy depends upon their rules and laws under the return policy statements.

  • Exchange Policies are dependent on the terms and conditions of the Bass Pro Shop.
  • The Defective items are only exchangeable via store visit.
  • To exchange the item, it needs to be in the original condition.
  • No exchange applicable to the Bass Pro Shop Company.


What is the customer care number for Bass Pro Shops?

Bass Pro Shops customer care number is 00 1 417-863-2499.

In how much time I will get my refund of Bass Pro Shops Item ?

After inspection, the refund process usually take around 2-7 business days.

Where should I return my Sunglasses?

You can return your Sunglasses at Sunglass Hut Location of the Bass Pro Shops Company.

Do Bass Pro Shop take opened items?

According to their Policy they do not take opened items in the form of return.

What if I lost my sales receipt?

In that case, you can contact to the customer care executive or by email.


Hopefully you liked this article. We tried our best to convey all the return policies of Bass Pro Shops Company. We do hope, after reading this article you will be able to easily understand the return policy and can easily return without any issues.

Bass Pro Shop Exchange policy is quite simple and according to their terms and condition they are not providing exchange policy but if something had happened to the product then they will surely help you out. The Refund Policy is to be considered only after thorough inspection of the returned item and you will get your refund in 2-7 days.


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