Everybody needs a few extra money now and then and making money on the side has never been easier especially in this Online or internet age.

Nowadays, there are fun and entertaining ways to earn money by just using your Smartphone without leaving your house.

However, we’re not so foolish enough to try to make you believe that you’ll be earning just by sitting at your home doing nothing.

There is not a single app that will earn you a fortune. But Of course, you can earn a few bucks here and there and Over time, it can accumulate enough to treat you.

If you’re looking to make a few extra side bucks to reach your financial goals Android money making apps.

Then, look no further. Here are the five best money making apps on Android.

To save you some time from browsing through hundreds of Survey Apps on Play Store, we’ve rounded up 13 legitimate app that actually pays.

Download one or some of them which you like, and start earning!

1. Surveys on the Go

Surveys On The Go is a free app that lets you complete surveys for money and pays you for your feedback on dozens of surveys about various issues and topics.

Other Activities includes- Rating TV shows, movies, music, and advertisements; evaluate products, services, and shopping experiences.

Unlike other survey applications, where you get points that can be converted later on to cash, Surveys On The Go pays cash instead and not points. You’ll earn real money for surveys which you can take quickly.

According to the app’s website, you will be sent out one to two surveys a week and they will pay you via a PayPal account.

The Downside of this app is that there are only a few available surveys during any given month and the app UI and design is also a little bit out of date and bland.

However, it still is very easy to use.

Price: Free

2. Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps is a free android app that pays you to install apps. It is actually a good stable app that pays consistently.

And by the way, you can delete the app from your device, once the points are credited to your account.

For every download, you receive points within minutes and once you’ve saved up enough points, you can redeem them for a gift card.

List of redeemable Giftcards-

  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • GameStop
  • Starbucks
  • Rixty
  • Skype
  • Best Buy
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • eBay
  • Trion
  • Old Navy
  • Gap
  • Columbia and many more.

The Conversion rate is (300 points = $1)

You can also refer to your friends and earn bonus points.

It will not be a quick money scheme and the earnings potential will also not be that good since it is only limited to app downloads.

However, if you can spare a few moments. Over time it can accumulate.

Price: Free

3. App Bounty

App Bounty is pretty much the same as Cash for apps, where you earn points by downloading and installing other apps.

Not from the US? Doesn’t matter. The app is worldwide reached, you can earn from this app even if you are from outside of the US.

The payments are also reliable according to the reviews left in the app store.

Redeemable Gift Cards-

  • Tunes
  • Amazon
  • Steam and much more.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app created by the Google Surveys team.

Sign up with your Gmail and it will send you a few questions about yourself. After a few days (Personal experience) Google will start sending you surveys as in questions about a range of topics, anything from your household info to rating the ads shown on youtube.

After each survey, you’ll get credited from $0.25 to even a 1$.

Unlike the other apps mentioned here, since they are paid in Google credits, you can only use to purchase apps, movies or anything where google pay is accepted.

Price: Free

5. Tapporo

Tapporo allows you to earn prizes and money by completing a simple task like watching videos or downloading free apps and much more!

It is also one of the oldest and reliable apps in the money making space. They also have a web version called Tapporo.com.

Redeemable items from Tapporo:

  • Google Play Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • PayPal Cash
  • Facebook Credits
  • Minecraft account
  • Hulu account
  • Game cards
  • Mobile accessories
  • Gadgets and much more!

Topporo also one of the best referral rates of $0.60 per sign up. So, If you have 200 friends, there is $1200 free cash for you!

You will not earn a huge sum overnight, it may take time to accumulate but it is a genuine app that you can download to earn you cash.

Price: Free

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best apps multi-functional app that you can install to earn rewards. It allows you to earn rewards in not just one but multiple ways.

Some of the Activities in Swagbucks are:

  • Surveys and polls
  • Searching the web
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping
  • Playing games, etc

You can redeem your points in cash (via PayPal) and in stores too such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Since. there are so many activities on the app to earn points, you might actually spend a lot of time completing all of them.  So, make a balance of how much time to dedicate to the app and to others area in your day.

7. Panel App

Panel App is another good example of a survey app that actually pays. According to their app statement, it has paid out over $2 Million in cash and prizes.

It is also a location-based survey app, so basically when you go to various places (such as parks, hotels, stores, restaurants, etc.) surveys will appear.

Complete them to earn points which you can later redeem.

You can redeem your points through – Sweepstakes, gift cards, etc

8. iPoll

They will send you surveys and you can share your opinion about the products you buy and the places you visit.

It is also a multi-functional app and there are several ways to earn rewards. Some of the surveys are longer than the surveys offered by other apps but that makes it faster to earn.

For some surveys, it may take at least between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

Other ways to earn rewards is by visiting a particular store or taking pictures, etc

Points can be redeemed by-

  • Gift cards
  • Airline credits
  • Magazine subscriptions

Price: Free

9. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a straightforward app where you can earn cash and get paid for doing your everyday online activities such as Reading emails, internet browsing, online shopping, playing games, and more.

InboxDollars is also partnered up with some of the most trusted brands in technology, retail, and Market Research. They also have the option to earn rewards for completing surveys and polls.

The minimum threshold amount for withdrawal is $30. You can redeem with a check or a gift card.

Price: Free

10. Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts is another app that you can point by completing surveys and polls.

Quick Thought has several types of surveys ranging from comprehensive survey questionnaires quick polls, opinion activities like secret shopper surveys and local missions.

You can take up to a maximum of 5 surveys per day and each Paid surveys can offer up to $3.

Unlike other apps where you can redeem your points to Cash via PayPal or various gift card options. Quick Thoughts has only one way of redeeming through Amazon Gift card.

The minimal redeemable amount is $10.

Price: Free

11. EasyShift

EasyShift is a good choice for those who wish to earn money by completing simple tasks. Unlike many of the apps her in the list, EasyShift rewards you with cash via Paypal.

Here is how it works-

  • Search the map to locate the area where you wanna reserve a Shift
  • Visit the store to answer questions
  • Take photos as requested in the app

That’s it and you get paid.

Other activities include- reviewing promotions, checking prices, and many more.

12. Cash Reward

Cash Reward is another Android app that you can earn money by completing various tasks such as-

  • Taking surveys and polls,
  • Downloading free and paid apps
  • Registering to free websites and paid websites
  • Watching video ads and
  • Playing free games.

The minimum threshold for Payment is $1 and redeemable via PayPal or through Amazon gift cards.

Price: Free

13. Survey Mini

SurveyMini was founded by scientists from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard to better understand about the global marketplace.

Survey Mini is somewhat similar to EasyShift. You have to visit shops, restaurants, and other establishments to give short surveys and share your opinion.

Some of the rewards of Survey Mini Are-

  • Free food
  • Discounts, and
  • Points toward gift cards

Price: Free


If you haven’t already downloaded any of these apps, then you should definitely consider downloading it. If you got any spare time, take a survey or two and earn cash or gift cards.

Although, these apps won’t make you rich, every little bit helps.

Which one is your favorite survey Apps? If you have any Android survey apps seem worthy in the list, let us know in the comments section below!

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